Could It Be Fate?

This is a One Direction fan fic.
Camille was your average 18 yr old girl. Her younger sister Violet is obsessed with One Direction yet she doesnt see the big deal. But what happens when one direction moves into the same building as her and she meets the charming Louis Tomlinson?


2. Meet my sister

 ~Camille's POV~

 I lean against the door inside and let out a sigh of relief. Thats was so horrible and embarrising. My sister comes bounding out of her room dressed and ready to go.

"Oh Violet! I'm so sorry. Let me go slip some clothes on and then we can go!" I ran into my room and got dressed. ( We walked out of the flat and I ran straight into someone. We fell to the ground, with me ontop of the stranger

"Well hello again love" a familiar voice said and I looked down at Louis

"I'm so sorry Louis, I wasnt paying any attention" I stuttered

'Its okay love, can you get off though please? This is quiete a compromising position!" He said with a cheeky grin

"Louis!" I playfully slapped his arm and got up "You cheeky boy!" 

I turned to look at Violet and she was just wide eyed and grinning. I poked her but she still didnt move or say anything. Louis laughed as I continued poking her.

"Hellllooooooo" Louis waved his hand in front of her face and I bursted out laughing.

All of the sudden Violet stuttered,"Y-y-your L-L-L-Louis T-t-T-t-Tomlinson."

"Yeah and who might you be love?" he stuck his hand out for her to shake

"V-v-v-Violet" She took his hand

"Well Violet I gotta get going, it was nice meeting you," He kissed her hand and started to walk away,"Bye Cam"

We hurried down the steps once he was out of sight. Violet squealing the entire time. I just laughed and rolled my eyes at her. We slid into my truck and started to pull out of the parking lot when I heard a familiar voice shout "WAIT!" I slammed on the brakes and put the car in park and rolled down the window.

"What do you want Louis?" I said harshley

"WELLL I was gonna ask you a question but never mind" he said clearly angry and started to storm off

"I'm sorry Lou, I didn't mean to sound harsh,its just we're in a rush! But please ask away..." Why was I explaining my self to him? I didnt owe him anything

"I know we just met and all,"he winked and I rolled my eyes" but do you wanna hang out with the boys and I today?"

"Sure why not. But you better get them down here now cause I''m already late enough" I groan to myself and Violet squeals with joy.

"THERE IS NO WAY SKYLARS GONNA BELIEVE THIS" she screams and I cover my ears

"Calm down, I'm sure they've had enough of screeming fans for one day!" I say as Louis goes to get the other guys.

They're all down and in the car 10 minutes later and we head off to Skylar's. I turn up the radio since I have my The Fray CD in. I turn up the song, Cable Car, since its one of my favorite song. Louis looks at me.

"You like The Fray" he asks

"Yeah this is my favorite album of theirs" I turn it down a little so I can hear him better

"No way! Its mine tooo! We're gonna be BFFS!" He squeals like a little girl and the whole car burst out in laughter. We all wipe the tears from our eyes and just sit there in silent before bursting out in laughter again. I could hear Louis begin to sing along to the song. I hate to admit but he has an amazing voice. I smile and start singing along too.  All of the sudden I notice 6 sets of eyes on me and I blush.

"What?" I ask while focusing on the road

"N-nothing its just..."Louis starts

"You have an amazing voice Cam!" Violet almost squeals

"Yeah" said the guys

That makes me blush even more and I stutter "T-t-thanks!" 

We continue the ride in silence. I humm the rest of the songs silently to mysel. That was embarrasing! I didnt think they could hear me over their laughter. We pulled into Skylar's driveway and I hit the buzzer to open the gate.

"Hello" A male voice replies

"Hey Richard, its Cam, I'm here to drop Violet off." I hit the button to reply

"Sure thing, it'll be nice to see you again Camille" I groan as he says my full name and the gates swing open.

Skylar's family is really rich. I mean super rich! They have like 2 huge houses with movie theaters and swimming pools and golf courses in every state. They arent your typical rich people either. Their down to earth and try to help out everyone as best as they can. I guess thats why everyone likes them. Their my second family basically. I remember the day Skylar was born clearly, mostly because Violet was born that same day. Violet and Skylar have been inseperable every since they met in pre-school. I stop the car and we slide out of the car. Violet runs to the door, she's about to knock when the door opens widely.

"IS THAT ONE DIRECTION IN YOUR CAR!!!???" Skylar screams as her mum comes to the door

"YES! ISNT IT AMAZING" My sister squeals back and they run inside.

"Hello Mrs.Denmark, how are you?" I ask Skylar's mum

"I'm fine sweetheart, but what about you? You okay money wise?" she ask with a look of sympathy in her eyes

"Yeah, I've had to pick up a few more shifts but we're still doing great" I will not cry. I will not cry.

"Well as I've told you before, if it ever gets to hard we're here to help! You know you and Violet are like my daughters and if you cant keep paying rent your more than welcome to come stay here!" she says as she hugs me.

"Thanks! I'll let you know if we ever need too." My eyes fill with tears as she hugs me goodbye and shuts the door.

I reach the car and slide in. As we back out down the drive way a tear slips down my cheek. I wipe it away quickley hoping the boys didnt see that. I feel a hand on my should

"You okay Cam?" Louis asks, his eyes flashing with concern

I sniffle"Yeah I'm fine,so what do y'all wanna do today?" I quickley change the subject hoping he'll forget.

Written by: CarrotPrinceandPrincess

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