Could It Be Fate?

This is a One Direction fan fic.
Camille was your average 18 yr old girl. Her younger sister Violet is obsessed with One Direction yet she doesnt see the big deal. But what happens when one direction moves into the same building as her and she meets the charming Louis Tomlinson?


5. Harry's Plan >:)

Authors Note: So this is gonna be a short chapter from Harry's POV. I'd just thought I'd let you know what Harry was thinking so yeah enjoy and comment please! Thanks!


~Harry's POV~

 I'm not really sure why I kissed Camille. It was a spur of the moment kinda thing I guess. Dont get me wrong she's  beautiful, down to earth, and I'd be all over her in a heartbeat if I didnt know how Louis felt about her. He hasnt said anything about it but I see the way they look at eachother when the other one isnt looking. He's never looked at any girl that way, not even Eleanor. I know Lou has Eleanor but she isnt right for him. Louis needs someone who is more understanding and down to earth. Cam would be that girl! I have to get them together and the other boys agree. So we all came up with a plan. I'd be my usual flirty self and spend more alone time with Cam. I'd kiss her infront of Louis on purpose hoping he'd realize his feelings to her. If that didnt work then I'd have to ask her out and continue to be all lovey dubey in front of him till he noticed. If that STILL didnt work then I just might have to break her heart but thats only as a LAST resort. Though Louis might kill me for that....Now we gotta go find her sister.

"Why dont you call up your dad Cam?"Nialler asked

Cam shook her head,"I will NEVER talk to that man EVER!" she was on the verge of tears, so I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head. Louis clenched his fist and glared at us.

"Well Cam-Cam it might be the only way to get Violet back."Liams said as he walked into the room

She sighed and mumbled"I guess, but can you guys come with me to see him?"

I spun her around and cupped her face in my hands"Of course babe!" I bent down and kissed her pulling her even close to me. We stood there for a while kissing eachother when I heard a cough and then a door slam. I smiled as we pulled away. The boys at me and shook their heads,I just winked at them. Camille look confused.

"I'lll just go call my dad now." she said and left the room

As soon as she was gone the guys said"DUDE REALLY?!"

"To much?" I asked

"HELL YEAH! Go after Lou"Liam shouted and pointed to the door

I grumbled,"fine." and headed out the door

"BOOBEAR WAIT UP" I hollered after him

"WHAT HAZZA?" he screamed and stopped walking

"C'mon man just come back to the apartment" I walked up to him and patted his back

"Why should I?"he snapped

"Cause you have Eleanor! I like Cam so what? You have Eleanor and you've made that pretty clear to not just the boys and I but to Cam to!" My voice started to rise

"Fine...BUT if you hurt her Hazza I'll straighten your hair!" He pointed his finger at me

My eyes widen and I reached for one of my curls"Y-y-you wouldnt!!!!"

"Oh yes I would! Now lets just get back" he walked off laughing to himself. Damn him!

Written by: CarrotPrinceandPrincess

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