Could It Be Fate?

This is a One Direction fan fic.
Camille was your average 18 yr old girl. Her younger sister Violet is obsessed with One Direction yet she doesnt see the big deal. But what happens when one direction moves into the same building as her and she meets the charming Louis Tomlinson?


4. But how?

~Camille's POV~

I woke up in Louis arms. I sighed. This felt so right  yet so wrong. I mean what about-my thoughts were cut off by an eh hmmm. I looked over to the door and Louis jumpeda awake. I could tell by the way his eyes widened who she was.

"Look Eleanor, its not what it looks like!" he tried to explain

"Bullshit Louis! I thought you were different." I could tell she was on the verge of tears

"Eleanore, babe, I swear! I would never cheat on you!" he stammered, I saw tears start to form in his eyes

"Whatever Lou, we're over. Have fun with your little slut." she ran out the door slamming it shut and sobbing. My eyes were wide. What did she just call me?! I looked at Lou and he was crying. I got up and walked out the door.

"ELEANOR WAIT!"I hollered after her

"WHAT!?" she turned around

"I promise it wasnt what it looked like! Louis loves you so much! He would never do anything to hurt you. When you texted him yesterday his eyes lit up. You mean the world to him." I walked up to her

"So why were you in his bed...with him?" she questioned

"W-well my dad, he came and took my sister away from me. I was an emotional wreck and the boys were here for me. I fell asleep on the way home and Lou, carried me into his room and I woke up. He let me borrow his clothes and stay the night there. He was only gonna stay with me till I fell asleep but he must have fallen asleep too! I promise it was nothing more than that. Him and I are just friends!" I faked a smile, what was I doing? Why did I have to fake it?

"Omg! I'm soooo sorry! I-i-I screwed up! He'll never take me back!" she broke down sobbing.

"Yes he will, just go in there and apologize!" I helped her stand up and she hugged me before running inside. I sighed and leaned against the wall! She was really nice! I know now why Lou loved her. The door to the flat opened and I jumped.

"H-harry! You scared the shit outta me!" I put my hand over my heart

He laughed"Really? Well that was a nice thing you did right there. " He came leaned against the wall with me.

"Yeah yeah yeah, im not all nice though!" I said trying not to sound like one of those girly girls

"Suuuure" he dragged out his answer and winked

I rolled my eyes" Well I should probably go-" He cut me off by crashing his lips to mine. WTF? I pulled away, probably long after I should have but whatever. He looked down at his feet. I was speechlesss.

"I-im sorry cam, i dont know..." I cut him off this time and kissed him. I wont deny it, I did like Harry but I dont know if it was the same way I liked Louis but he had Eleanor.

I pulled away and mumbled"sorry."

"Dont be! You dont know how long I've wanted to kiss you"he said and I laughed

"Harry we just met yesterday!" I playfully slapped his arm

"Yeah but your different than those other girls" He said all cheekily

"Gee thanks" I rolled my eyes and headed back over to my place he grabbed my wrist

"Come back over once your dressed for breakfast ok?" he said and kissed my cheek. He didnt wait for my reply cause he went back inside his place. I sighed and went inside to change.Once i changed I crossed the hall and knocked on the door. All of the sudden I heard screaming

"YOU BASTARD! IF YOU HURT HER I'LL KILL YOU!" I  think that was Louis

"STOP BEING SUCH A TWAT LOUIS! YOU HAVE ELEANOR!" I knew for sure that was Harry

Everything was silent for a while so I knocked on the door again.Harry ripped it open, he looked pissed.

"Hey I' back" I pretend that I never heard anything

"Come on in babe!" He smiled and pulled me in by the waist. I saw Louis and he was glaring at Harry. I walked over and ruffled his hair.

"Whats got your knickers in a twist? Did you find out about the carrots?" I teased

"Noth.....WAIT WHAT ABOUT MY CARROTS?!" He screamed like a child

"Well  I uh might have eaten them all" I kept teasing him

"YOU DID WHAT!?" he ran to the fridge and jerked the door open. He saw all his carrots in place and turned around to me giving me a death glare." Fuck you Cam, Fuck you!" he gave me the finger

"Aw c'mon Lou! You know you still looovveee me" I batted my eyelashes

"yeah sure, so how'd you know about my carrot obsession?" he raised an eyebrow

"Well I do have a little sister thats obsessed with you guys so it wasnt hard to find out." My eyes filled with tears and Harry came over and put his arm around me.

"Its ok babe, we'll get her back" He kissed my forehead and Louis clenched his fist.

I looked at the ground"But how?"

Written by: CarrotPrinceandPrincess

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