The sequal to wolverstone.
Samantha is stuck in the dungeon. She dosn't know where she is, or why she is there.

Joshua (her boyfriend) wants to find her, before anything happens. When he goes down to the church with his friends a couple of days later, the noises he hears he thinks that they belong to his girlfriend, samantha.

When Joshua finds her, will he marry her? Would Laura tell her the secret?


2. shocked (joshua)

The black-purple smoke dissapered, leaving the bag behined.

"Samantha!" I yelled.

I fell to the floor and started sobbing. Why did it have to be her? Why?

Dave came to me, crouched down and said:

"Don't worry, we'll find her."

What would I tell Laura?

I loved Sam. She was my life, she was perfect. Laura was a sister figure I would never have, but wasn't as close to me as sam is or was.

I felt an abnormal presance that day, like someone was laughing at me. How would I find her? That day I decided if I found her I would ask her to marry me.


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