The sequal to wolverstone.
Samantha is stuck in the dungeon. She dosn't know where she is, or why she is there.

Joshua (her boyfriend) wants to find her, before anything happens. When he goes down to the church with his friends a couple of days later, the noises he hears he thinks that they belong to his girlfriend, samantha.

When Joshua finds her, will he marry her? Would Laura tell her the secret?


11. ouija board (joshua)

Samantha's skin  had gone white as snow. Sweat had started to appear around the sides of her face. Jack had started to pull the ouija board out, he did so and afterwards bringing out a clear glass cup, a pencil and a piece of paper.

"Samantha do you want to do the writing?" I asked.

"yes." she said shaking.

A coulpe of moments after she spoke I wrapped a blanket around her shoulders.

"Ok. ready?" Jack asked.

We all nodded. Dale would ask the questions, and join in. Four of us would actually move the cup around while Samantha would write down the awnsers. We all put our fingers on the cup.

"Is anyone there?" dale started.

The cup moved to yes.

"why do you want Samantha?"

The cup moved to no then said "I want Samantha so Laura will come and die."

"Was it you who killed that woman next to the fountain?"

"Yes" Samantha said.

Her eyes were blood red. She looked like she was looking at something or someone. The voice was not her's it was one of  an old man. It was deep, sort of rusty, sounded like a leader of an empire.

"Are you speaking through Samantha?"

"Yes I am. I'm coming for you. Laura will die tonight!" The devil said through Samantha.

I stood up and said " We need to get my brother and Laura. Dale, Jack get my brother and Laura. I'll stay with Robbie to look after Samantha."

Dale and Jack stood up, Jack reached for his pocket knife and hurried after Dale ; who was allready making his way out of the church. The door slammed shut after Jack. Robbie picked Samantha up in silence while I drew back the cover. Samantha was shaking violontly as Robbie layed her down and as I pulled her cover on her. I layed beside her as Robbie took his bed which was the other side and fell asleep. Soon, after Samantha fell asleep, and so did I.


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