The sequal to wolverstone.
Samantha is stuck in the dungeon. She dosn't know where she is, or why she is there.

Joshua (her boyfriend) wants to find her, before anything happens. When he goes down to the church with his friends a couple of days later, the noises he hears he thinks that they belong to his girlfriend, samantha.

When Joshua finds her, will he marry her? Would Laura tell her the secret?


3. News (Laura)

Later that night, Joshua came back. He looked awfull, his skin almost white, been crying too. Dora, gave him a seat next to her.

"where's Samantha?" Dora whispered, her eyes focused from me to Joshua and the empty chair.

"I don't know." I replied.

Joshua burst out crying, Dora put her arm around him.

"Samantha, she's gone. She won't come back." He whispered.

As Joshua said this a I started to cry.

"Sorry." He said.

Joshua gently took off his mum's hand, reached over and hugged me. I just carried on crying. I had a secret; the face that sam kept on seeing, it was after me not her. That night I told Joshua, and asked him to stay in my room. Even so, I couldn't sleep. I wanted my big sister back.

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