The sequal to wolverstone.
Samantha is stuck in the dungeon. She dosn't know where she is, or why she is there.

Joshua (her boyfriend) wants to find her, before anything happens. When he goes down to the church with his friends a couple of days later, the noises he hears he thinks that they belong to his girlfriend, samantha.

When Joshua finds her, will he marry her? Would Laura tell her the secret?


12. Laura's body (Dale)

Jack and I ran staight down to Josh's house which was three miles from the church. This took us about half an hour at least.

I couldn't believe what has happened with the ouija board, whatever it was was speaking through Samantha. I just hoped that Samantha would be ok and that we would be able to get her sister.

As we got to the outside of Joshua's house we heard screaming. It was a girl. It must be Laura.

"Don't hurt me, please" Laura shouted.

Jack pulled out his knife. The screaming just carried on. Eventually Jack got in , but it was too late. The screming had stopped and there was a deadly silence. I pulled out my gun, gesturing that I should go first because if I saw the thing, it would be easier to shoot rather than stab. I carefully made my way up the stairs and into the spare room which overlooked the street.

Laura's body was there, covered with her blood. A dry, lifeless moan escaped from her lips. Jack picked her up, making a quick escape from the house heading to the doctor surgery next door.

As I left the room, I heard a creek on the stairs behind me. I turned and saw a white face and black pitted eye sockets staring at me. I made my first shot, missed it by centimetres. The thing smirked. Then I aimed for the middle of the head. I pulled the trigger. This time I got it. It fell back, moaning. The creature bumped down the stairs, backwards. It's hands wacked against the wall. When it got down the stairs, I just kept shooting.


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