The sequal to wolverstone.
Samantha is stuck in the dungeon. She dosn't know where she is, or why she is there.

Joshua (her boyfriend) wants to find her, before anything happens. When he goes down to the church with his friends a couple of days later, the noises he hears he thinks that they belong to his girlfriend, samantha.

When Joshua finds her, will he marry her? Would Laura tell her the secret?


10. Food (Joshua)

"Yes!" Robbie and Jack courossed.

I through the sandwiches at them.

"You two?" I questioned.

Sam nodded ; so did Dale. I was really happy, with my friends and girlfriend. What more would a boy want?

I through the sandwiches at them.

After I dug around a bit I also found some crisps ,chocolate and drinks. Everyone was having fun, talking and laughing.

"How 'bout trying the ouija board?" Jack asked "I've got everything with me."

Panic struck Samantha like a brick. It was written all over her face that she didn't want to do it. Neither did I, to be honest.

One of my friends had done it with disasterous results. He didn't have eppilepsi before, after that he kept on having severe fits.

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