I Won't Give Up

Liam Payne is bullied by all the kids at school. However, there is this one friend who he has named Elizabeth, and they are the best of friends. Once Liam decides to try out for The X Factor, with the help and support and love of Lizzy, he makes it through, only to form a band One Direction. Will Liam forget about Elizabeth once he gets too blinded by the spotlight to see what's right in front of him, giving him all her heart? Will he ever love Elizabeth like she has loved him all these years? Or will he fall in love with a girl who looks for money and fame, not what Liam really is?


6. You are so beautiful!

Louis' POV

I look around the room. My eyes stop on the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is alone! I walk over to Harry and tell him I'm gonna pass on bowling tonight and go to the snack bar. He nods.

"Go get her tiger," Harry chuckles with a wink and I laugh.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing all alone in a bowling alley?" I ask and wink. She turns around and we look eachother over. She has dirty-blonde hair, hazel eyes, and soft lucsious pink lips. She is wearing a purple crop-top with a lighter pink kiss print on it in the middle. She is wearing light purple skinny jeans, and purple low-cut converse. She must have been looking me over too, because she is staring at my feet when her eyes come back up to meet mine.

"Trying to learn to bowl," she says.

"I can teach you," I say.

"If you want," she says and I walk over to her. I pick up a ball and roll it down the alley, knocking down all the pins.

"Woah!" she exclaims. I motion for her to come over and she picks up a ball and stands by me. I caress her body with mine, while moving our bodys together and as we swing back our arms and swing them forward, we realease the ball and knock over almost all the pins. We do it again and knock over the rest, getting a spare. We play a game and I let her win, but not by far. She is now really good a bowling!

"How about we go out for dinner, my treat?" I offer.

"Yes to the dinner, but can I please pay for something?" she asks. I shake my head no, and interwine my fingers with hers. I tell the lads where I'm going and they nod and continue their game. We leave the alley and walk down the sidewalk. After five minutes, we have walked pretty far surprisingly.

"I'm so tired! Can we take a break? My feet hurt!" she complains.

"No!" I protest, and I bend over.

"Hop on my back!" I exclaim, and she does so. I give her a piggy-back ride for the rest of the walk. Sure I was tired, but it's not fair for her have to walk and hurt her feet. The waitress comes over and takes our order. As soon as I see the waitress, my mouth drops open.

"Hannah?" I ask.

"Louis?" she says.

[A\N: I have nothing against Hannah, I like her, and when they were dating I shipped Louannah, now I ship Elounor, I ship both, I love both of them, no hate! I just need this for my story okay! :)]

"What are you doing here?" I ask angrily, memories rushing back.

"I moved here after I broke up with Bryce," she says. I cringe at his name. She cheated on me with Bryce before I tried out for The X Factor, and they broke up once he found out she cheated. I knew she moved far away, but I didn't expect here! I feel tears stinging at my eyes, but I blink them back.

"I think I would like a different waitress please," I say.

"I would like that too," she says and walks away.

"I'm Carsyn, by the way. Who's that?" Carsyn, the girl I came here with asked.

"I'm Louis, I love your name! She is my ex, she cheated on me with Bryce, and it was terrible. I was walking to school and I saw them making out under a tree. I was broken. But I'm through with her. She wasn't worth it, she was great while we lasted though. But I'm glad we broke up." I say. A different waitress comes, takes our orders, brings us our food and drinks, and we ate. We talked a bit, and got to know eachother. She's perfect. We finish, I pay, and we leave. We start our walk. It was really awkward and quiet. We reach her house and I walk her to her front door.

"I know we only met, but I really like you," I say.

"Same to you," she says. She is about to walk inside when I grab her wrist, pull her back and push her against the wall. I press my forehead against hers, and crash my lips against hers. Our kiss actually lasts over a minute, and then I pull away.

"Good night," I say.

"Good night," she says, and with that we go our seperate ways and I start my walk home. I swear I slept with a smile on my face.

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