I Won't Give Up

Liam Payne is bullied by all the kids at school. However, there is this one friend who he has named Elizabeth, and they are the best of friends. Once Liam decides to try out for The X Factor, with the help and support and love of Lizzy, he makes it through, only to form a band One Direction. Will Liam forget about Elizabeth once he gets too blinded by the spotlight to see what's right in front of him, giving him all her heart? Will he ever love Elizabeth like she has loved him all these years? Or will he fall in love with a girl who looks for money and fame, not what Liam really is?


5. Passionate :)

Liam's POV

Considering my parents flew back to Wolverhampton after the first show, Lizzy is spending the time I'm on the show with us. I don't know if the x factor people would be okay with it, but we aren't saying anything about it unless someone asks. We're sharing a bed, unless she decides she wants to sleep with any of the other lads, it's really up to her. We're about to go to bed. Lizzy walks in.

"I'll be on the couch if anyone needs me," she says, beginning to walk out.

"No you won't, get in here," I say, reaching my hand down. The layout of the room is two bunk beds and a single bed. Louis has the single bed, Zayn has a top bunk with Harry below him, and Niall is below me, me on the top bunk. She sighs, takes my hand and I lift her up into the bunk with me.

"OOOOOOOOOOO" says Louis, teasing us. Zayn and Harry whistle and whoop.

"Now don't get too loud up there, I'm below you guys," Niall says. That does it.



"Wait, what did Liam say?" says Louis.

"You've only what?" he pushes.

"Nothing, he didn't say anything," Lizzy tries to lie.

"You guys have kissed, haven't you?" Louis figures us out.

"Haha, no, we've kissed? Hahahaha, why would I kiss her?" I lie.

"Wait, you mean you didn't want to kiss me? You did it as pity?" she asks.

"No! I love you, I was lying to Louis!" I say.

"Oooo, you guys have kissed!" Louis shouts.

"Grrr..." I growl, and with that we lay down. I wrap my arms around her and she snuggles up to me and we fall asleep.

*Next Morning*

Lizzy's POV

I wake up in Liam's arms, exactly where I fell asleep. I look up at him. When he sleeps he looks so peaceful. I look at his neck. I see his birthmark. I love his birthmark so much. I pull up my hand and trace my fingers around the small light brown mark. He wakes up and I pull my hand back down and shut my eyes. I feel his eyes on me. I have a birthmark on my butt that looks identical to the one on his neck. Only Liam knows about it, and of course my parents. I open my eyes. I meet Liam's chocolate brown eyes. I stare deeply into his eyes, he stares deeply into mine. I want to date him so bad.

"Liam," I whisper.

"Yes?" he asks, whispering too.

"I have a question for you," I say, still whispering.

"Go ahead, I've got one for you too," he softly says.

"We'll say it at the same time, 1, 2, 3," I say softly.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Will you be my boyfriend?" we say at the same time, whispering really quietly.

"Yes!" we both say softly, and I hug him, or at least as much of a hug as you can do laying down. We both get out of bed and look at the clock. 11:30!? Yikes! Liam thinks the same thing, because he grabs my hand and he pulls me down the stairs, him not bothering to put on a shirt. I'm in a tank top and shortshorts, but honestly I don't care right now. My hair is up in a messy bun. We barge into the kitchen and plop down at the table, me in his lap of course.

"Good morning sleepyheads, have fun?" Harry teases.

"Goodmorning, and yes in fact we did," I tease back with a wink. Harry's smile wipes off his face.

"Okay.." he says.

"I've got some news for you guys.." Liam says excitedly.

"Ooo! What is it!?" asks Niall excitedly.

"We're dating now," we both say and they smile, congratulating us.

"KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" they all chant.

"NO! NO! NO!" we chant back.

"Meh.. The weather's gonna be all rainy today, so you wanna go bowling?" they ask. We nod and in two hours we're heading out the door.

"I'm gonna walk," I say. I hate going in cars with people I don't know, it's really wierd but still.

"I'm gonna walk with her, see you there!" Liam says. They shrug their shoulders and begin driving. We hold hands and start to walk in the rain. I have always wanted a passionate kiss in the rain, and so has Liam. Once the other lads are out of sight, Liam does something I wouldn't think that Liam would have done. He pulls me down a dark alleyway, a few feet from the entrance. He slams me against the brick wall roughly. It didn't hurt, I was just shocked. The rain pours down on us. Liam grabs my waist and pulls himself against me. He crushes his soft light pink lips against mine roughly. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. We pull away and then we walk the rest of the way to the bowling alley in silence.

"That was nice," he whispers to me.

"Mhm," was all I could get out.

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