I Won't Give Up

Liam Payne is bullied by all the kids at school. However, there is this one friend who he has named Elizabeth, and they are the best of friends. Once Liam decides to try out for The X Factor, with the help and support and love of Lizzy, he makes it through, only to form a band One Direction. Will Liam forget about Elizabeth once he gets too blinded by the spotlight to see what's right in front of him, giving him all her heart? Will he ever love Elizabeth like she has loved him all these years? Or will he fall in love with a girl who looks for money and fame, not what Liam really is?


3. One Direction

Liam's POV

We were all standing there in a group. They called four girls onto the stage. Then they were going to call guys on, I was quite confused.

"Harry Styles," says the man. A curly haired boy stepped forward.

"Liam Payne," said the man. I step forward and stand with the curly haired boy, Harry. He smiles at me and I smile back at him.

"Zayn Malik," he says. A boy steps forward who looked perfect, like honestly I bet he gets tons of girls. But so does Harry..

"Louis Tomlinson," he calls. A boy steps forward who I can't quite describe what he looks like, he looks like him.

"I think I wet myself," he says to me. I chuckle.

"Niall Horan," says the man, and a short blond kid comes forward and then we go out onto the stage. Louis walks with Harry, Zayn walks on his own, and Niall walks with me.

"I'm so scared," Niall told me, he's Irish.

"Me too, I auditioned two years ago and didn't make it far," I say.

"Yeah I saw you, I thought you should have made it farther," he says. We go out onto stage and we put our arms around eachother for support.

"Hi," says a girl nicely.

"How are you?" she asks.

"Good," we all say. The girls over there are crying. I feel really bad, seeing people cry.

"That's good. You both are really talented, and you are both too good to let go," she says, and we get confused.

"We've decided to put you both through," Simon says. Harry collapses in happiness. I hug Zayn and Louis and Niall tries to help Harry get up. We figure out that we are a band. At lunch, we wanted to know what to name our band. We decided to call it 'One Direction', Harry came up with the name. We all thought it would sound cool when the announcer says it, haha. These boys are nice, and we have to share a room. We are doing the bootcamp. I'm so happy! After lunch we are to go to the judges houses, so we start practicing. We decide to sing Torn. I sing the first part. We sit around a table and start singing for the first time.

"I thought I saw a girl brought to life, she was warm she came around, she was dignified, she showed me what it was to cry. You couldn't be that girl, I adored. You don't seem to know, or seem to care, what your heart is for, but I don't know her anymore," I finish, and now it's Harry's turn.

"There's nothing left, I used to cry, my conversation has run dry, that's what's going on, nothing's fine I'm torn," he sings, and then we start doing the 'ooo's in the background and Harry and Louis sing.

"I'm all out of faith, and this is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor. You should never change, into something real. I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky it's torn," he keeps singing and we all keep singing and Zayn does the high notes and then we finish.

"That sounded awesome!" says Savan Kotecha, a guy who was trying to help us improve our voices, so our vocal coach.

"I agree!" says Niall. We decide that's what we'll sing. I can't wait to perform! We practice for hours and then we are about to perform at the judges house. We are performing for Simon. I start singing. We sing the whole time and it sounds so good. We get through, and then we are shown to our room for the bootcamp, and I realise these four lads are great people.

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