I Won't Give Up

Liam Payne is bullied by all the kids at school. However, there is this one friend who he has named Elizabeth, and they are the best of friends. Once Liam decides to try out for The X Factor, with the help and support and love of Lizzy, he makes it through, only to form a band One Direction. Will Liam forget about Elizabeth once he gets too blinded by the spotlight to see what's right in front of him, giving him all her heart? Will he ever love Elizabeth like she has loved him all these years? Or will he fall in love with a girl who looks for money and fame, not what Liam really is?


11. Although, I would.

Lizzys POV
"Liam! No!" I scream. He ignores me. Harry jumps at him and pins him to the wall by the door.

"Let.. me.. Go..!" Liam screams in Harry's face. I walk over and grab Liam's arm and I bring him up the stairs into the bathroom and I lock it with us in it. I take the knife from his hand.

"Have a seat." I say. He sits down. I sit down too.

"What has gotten into you?" I ask.

"Who are you?" He asks. I do something that may jog his memory. I kiss him on the lips. He kisses back after a bit. I pull away.

"Lizzy..." He whispers.

"What happened?" He asks, as if he doesn't remember anything before.

"You slapped me in the face, you're dating a slutty blonde named Carol, you pushed your fans and insulted them, you're out of the band, you yelled at the other boys and you cut into Niall's neck with this knife," I say, showing him the bloody-edged knife.

"I'm a monster.. I need to make things right!" Liam yells and unlocks the door and runs down the stairs. I rush after him.

'NIALL! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" He says to niall.

"Guys, I truly am sorry. I don't know what came over me.." He mutters.

"So, you want back in the band?" Zayn asks.

"Yes," Liam says.

"Maybe, we'll have a vote." Zayn declares

"All in favor of Liam back in the band, say 'I'" Zayn says.

Silence fills the room.
"I," I say.

"I," declares Zayn.

"I," Says Louis.

"I," agrees niall.

We all look at Harry.

"............I" Harry says. I run over and kiss harry on the cheek.


"Look, I'd love to stay and celebrate, but I'm going over to Carsyns house. See ya later boys!" Louis exclaims.

"AND GIRL." He shouts.

"Don't get too loud in there," Harry warns.


"Don't push things to fast, the roller coaster of life wouldn't agree!" Zayn exclaims.

"Be nice!" I yell.

"Be creative..." Niall winks.


Louis POV

Although I would..
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