I am called Yevette, and I am not human. I belong to the ancient group of Supernaturals called Trinity. The group's founders are Aurelia, Zahraca and me, and I am a shifter. Some foolish humans could call me a werewolf, but no. I am far, far deadlier than that.
In our world, we rule, and we live to take out the feeble opposition that lies in our way.


3. Zahraca


I crept forward. Oh, that girl was going to pay. My mind went over her cheating, then breaking up with me.

Oh, Trinity, I sounded like a foolish mortal. I crossed the road, and in the dark light, I saw the address, Horsetree Avenue. Yes, my companion, Aurelia hunted here a week ago, leaving a poor man to die. Yevette, my hound, my 'werewolf' padded softly behind me, growling and shaking her mane.

I walked toward my victims flat, and saw her bedroom light on. Aah, this would be satisfactory. I hoisted myself onto the garage roof, and stopped by her window. First, I tapped a few times. Nothing happened.

Then, as I instructed, Yevette scraped on the door. I peeped my head round to see through the window, past the curtain. She lay in bed, with a book forgotten by her side. She stared at her door terrified. It was going just like that horror movie she adored.Then I slid open the window, and when she reached to open the bedroom door to make her way downstairs, I slipped in the room. She padded downstairs, and I heard the muffled click of her front door opening. I scanned the room and decided I would wait for her in her bed.

As she made her way up the steps, I jumped in the creamy duvet and looked at the door. She entered the room and turned to shut the door. I almost gasped as I saw she had dyed her hair blonde, covering her natural auburn. As she turned around she screamed when she saw me.

"Za-Zahraca? W-what are you doing her? You almost frightened me to death!"

"Precisely," I smiled.

Her jaw dropped and she backed up against the wall. She gulped and I hauled myself out of bed. I looked down at my scarred red hands and caught her eye. My heart melted at the sight of her gorgeous face, and I almost held out my hand to placate her. Almost.

The memories came flooding back, her in the cafe with him, her taking him home, her sliding off her dress, before I burst in on my lover and my best friend.

I walked toward her, and smiled grimly. "I preferred your hair before you dyed it darling, " I took another step, til I was practically touching her. "It glowed like fire!"

With that, my hand burst into flames and I leant down and touched the end of her bed. The covers burst into flame, engulfing everything in its path, creeping towards her. I laughed and backed out the window.

As I headed down the street, my hound ran up, licking my hand. I heard the agonising scream of my fiance, and and I croaked out, "Goodbye, my sweet one,"

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