I am called Yevette, and I am not human. I belong to the ancient group of Supernaturals called Trinity. The group's founders are Aurelia, Zahraca and me, and I am a shifter. Some foolish humans could call me a werewolf, but no. I am far, far deadlier than that.
In our world, we rule, and we live to take out the feeble opposition that lies in our way.


4. Yevette


After following Zahraca, and watching him get revenge on his lover, I smiled. So, that girl, that mortal, was out of the way. Now, I just had to get Aurelia gone. She thinks she's so much better than me, because she uses the honey trap, then sucks the victims blood, while I creep up and maul. Humph, she got the cowards way out.

Now, my focus was on Zahraca, and getting him to join me, so I can become leader of Trinity with him. At this present moment in time, we are all co-leaders, but Zahraca, as he is male, is Alpha. Me and Aurelia are both settling for Beta. But no more, I am not settling for second any longer, I will become leader, with Zahraca at my side. The only thing in my way is that pest of a Succo. Or as mortals would say 'vampire'.

I shook my mane and watched the stream-water droplets spray from my ebony fur. I looked into the pool and saw my furry snarling face stare back at me; my eyes gleamed emerald as I searched for my prey. A nice squirming salmon would do. I spotted one out of the corner of my eye and my razor sharp, four inch long claws snatched. In one go, I picked it up and tore it with my gleaming teeth.

After about an hour, I dont know, the humans time goes by so fast, I made my way to the edge of the bank where I flopped down. Under the warm sun, with flies buzzing and a full belly, I slowly fell asleep, and my werewolf form slowly shrunk into the body of a slight, naked girl.


I awoke to a snap of a branch, and was fully awake within three seconds. The air was chilly, and the sun was down, so there was the eerie, cold feel to the air. My favourite time of day. The snap of branches came again and I got to my feet. Then, in front of me, stood Zahraca. I hissed quietly, "What are you doing, fool? You gave me a right fright, I thought you were a predator,"

"Come, come, what would dare hunt you, Yevette?" He noticed my absence of clothing and put a hand out whilst turning slightly to the side. "Yevette, what are you doing? Back in the old era that would have been perfectly acceptable, but in the modern day? You have no idea who could be out here! Look at how badly society is these days, no-one would hesitate to kidnap even you in your vulnerable form,"

I almost hissed at the word vulnerable, but managed to control myself. "Come now, don't tell me you don't like it?" I asked piously.

He raised an eyebrow and said, "Yevette, do us a favour, and change back please," he spun round, and walked off. I followed him, still wet, but not even bothering to change. If this wasn't going to get him, then what was? He lead me through the forest, and found a cave. He called out, "Hey, lets stay here shall we?"

I nodded and walked in, hips swinging. Zahraca rolled his eyes.

"Yevette, you... you scoundrel!"

I giggled, and lay down, next to him. I shivered, only so I could get closer to him. Zahraca thought I was cold and blasted up a fire near the entrance. As I lay in the half darkness, I sighed.


As the rosy fingers of dawn crawled up the hills of the valley, I rolled over and found myself staring into Zahraca's liquid golden eyes.

"Yevette," he said hoarsely.

"Yes?" I whispered earnestly.

"I think I lo-" he stopped. "You're turning blue,"

He turned away, cutting me off defensively.

I muttered under my breath and blew my black hair out of my face.

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