I am called Yevette, and I am not human. I belong to the ancient group of Supernaturals called Trinity. The group's founders are Aurelia, Zahraca and me, and I am a shifter. Some foolish humans could call me a werewolf, but no. I am far, far deadlier than that.
In our world, we rule, and we live to take out the feeble opposition that lies in our way.


2. Aurelia


I glanced over my shoulder as I  followed the boy. No one was there so I quickened my pace. My lithe shadow was cast across the rough brick alley wall. The man in front of me spun round when I accidentally stepped on a piece of glass. As it crunched under my foot I cursed and went through my options.

"H-hello?" I called out timidly, "I'm lost and I was wondering if you could help me,"

The man in front of me drawled in the local Texas accent, "Why, hun, you've come to the the right guy! Any other would have taken you straight to his place," I raised an eyebrow but let him carry on. "Where's a pretty lil thing like you doing in the middle of a busy city without a map, huh?"

I sweetened my tone and said innocently, "Oh, I'm with a traveling theatre group and I just can't find my way back!" I walked towards him and gave him the address of my 'theatre'.

He looked surprised, and said lightly, "Why, it's just a few blocks down! So, what y'all performin'?"

I hummed the tune of Food Glorious Food and watched him place it.

"Hey, i'nt that Oliver? Yeah! Food Glorious Food, we're anxious to, err, yeah that one?"

"Uh-huh. So, where are you off  to?"  I asked to keep it all flowing.

"Me? Err, I'm just, ehh, you know, goin' places,"

I nodded. As we reached the end of the alley, he turned left. I followed without protest.

"So what's your name hun?" He asked lightly.


His face registered surprise at the unusual-ness, and I said to wind him up, "Oh, its Bambian. A little island off the coast of...... Peachespuff." He looked confused and I laughed silently, but keeping my face devoid of emotion. "So whats your name?"

He said huskily, obviously flirting, "Call me Niall." I tipped my chin and kept on walking.

We carried on, and Niall took the lead, stepping in front of me. We passed a group of boys, and he squared his shoulders. They looked at him, stared at me and went back to looking intently at things in their hands. As I passed I caught the whiff of drugs. I rolled by piercing blue eyes and carried on. As we passed under a lamppost, Niall slowed up and went in sync with me. We went on to a street labelled Horsetree Avenue, and walked into one of the shady corners. Niall looked up and said, "Well, the theatre is just down there. Sooo, ehh bye,hun,"

"Bye," I breathed. I flashed him a perfect smile, and span round, walking away, making sure my hips swung.

He called out, "Ehh, Aurelia, how about your number?"

I turned slowly back around, and let him drink me in. "I know, I've got something much better than a number," I crept closer and leaned in for a kiss. He closed his eyes and just before we touched, a snapped my head around and bit my fangs into his creamy, white flesh.

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