743 Hours 54 Minutes

Cian and Ruarí meet in a pretty unusual way. Not how people would expect you to meet, let's say, the love of your life.

The two can tell this isn't going to be a normal friendship/relationship when something unexpected is thrown into the mix after barely a day of knowing each other.

They try and try their hardest, but can a relationship really be made in 743 hours 54 minutes?


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sunday July 1st, 23:00, Cian's Apartment.
(720hrs 15min)

In the time it took Donncha to get over his initial shock that Ruarí was in his kitchen, for Ruarí to pick up the chair she knocked over and both of them to sit down at the table, she managed to take him all in, and she really didn't think he was much different to what she remembered. His messy black hair was still as tousled-looking and untrimmed as ever, his green eyes shone just as bright as she remembered, his style hadn't changed for sure still tracksuits and t-shirts all the way and he sure as hell was still as muscly and toned, if not more, than ever. Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice that sent shivers down her spine to hear, but not in a good way. She was glad he had though, because who knows what she would have been thinking next.

'So, eh, it's good to see you,' Donncha says, slightly lost for words seeing as it's been such a long time since they've seen each other, never mind spoke to each other

'I don't mean to be blunt or anything but please, we both know it's not,' Ruarí says, leaning forward and resting her elbows on the table so that they're in line with Donncha's, 'you don't want to be here as much as I don't,'

'No. No I don't, but hopefully at the end of this the feeling will be lesser,' Donncha spits.

'Don't start getting mad at me already, we've been here for five minutes and we're already starting,' Ruarí getting slightly annoyed already.

'Why should I not when you're getting mad at me?' Donncha retaliates, leaning forward slightly.

'I'm not getting mad at you. I'm trying I calm you down,' Ruarí says leaning back from the table getting worried about the closeness of then when they got like this.

'Well if you are you've got a funny way of doing it,' Donncha mumbles, not even attempting to calm himself, or Ruarí, down.

Ruarí let's out an exasperated sigh while running a hand through her hair and doesn't say anything for a while, then eventually says, 'I come here to make up and we start to fight again? Fantastic, absolutely fantastic,'

Trying to change the subject from "fighting" and "making up" he notes something that amuses him then, with a slight laugh in his voice asks, 'You still do that?'

'Do what?' Ruarí asks, oblivious to what he found so amusing that he had to divert to that topic.

'You used to run your fingers through your hair when you were mad or frustrated,' Donncha answers pointedly, pointing to her hand in her hair, which she consciously removes, 'I can't believe you still do it,'

'I can't believe you remember,' Ruarí says, totally shocked at his recalled memory, 'well I suppose you would,'

'Yea, I guess I saw you do it enough,' Donncha sighs, not wanting to talk about their past, especially since this is the first time they've spoke since they broke up. Could you call it breaking up? They weren't really bothering to act like they were together at the end, it was like they just broke up without knowing and until one of them realised it, they were going along with their "act".

After knocking himself out of his thoughts, Donncha decides to put a question to Ruarí, 'Why did we do it, Ruarí?'

'I don't know. I suppose if we knew the answer to that we'd still be together,' she says sadly, obviously knowing what he was referring to, 'the question is why didn't we do something about it earlier?'

'I don't know about you but I sure as hell wouldn't because I just loved how that because we were together I got to see you smile whenever I wanted, I loved that even with all our arguing we still came back to each other even if it wasn't the right thing to do, I loved how cute you looked in the morning and when you were tired, I loved how we used to be able to just sit there in silence and not have to say a word just enjoy each others company, I . . . I . . . I loved you too much. ' Donncha says shyly, not used to expressing his feelings much.

'Wow,' Ruarí manages to squeeze out, totally shocked and not knowing what to say. When she finally finds her voice she says, 'I had no idea that's how you felt. At all,'

'I didn't tell you enough,' Donncha says sounding guilty, 'that I loved you, I mean,'

'Well, we weren't exactly number one on the list of perfectly cute couples were we?' Ruarí answers with the slightest of laughs.

'I know, I know. They were really bad, weren't they?' Donncha says, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead from temple to temple, 'the fights?'

'And I can't believe you still do that!' Ruarí laughs, slamming her her hands onto the table and leaning forward slightly while pointing out something that she remembered about him.

'Wait, what?' Donncha asks, confused.

'You used to rub your forehead when you were trying to think or calm yourself down,' Ruarí smiles when he conciously stops doing it.

'I can't believe we actually remember these little things about each other,' Donncha sighs, annoyed at himself for letting things get to the stage they did, 'we didn't have much time to remember things,'

'You don't really need much time,' Ruarí explains, 'like I know, from today only, that Cian does the same as me but when he's trying to figure something out or confused,'

'Damn, I thought I was the only one who noticed that,' Donncha laughs, trying to decide whether to say what he was thinking or not, he regretted saying it as soon as it was out of his mouth, 'I'm not trying to ruin the mood but this isn't really fixing anything, is it?'

'No, I guess it's not,' Ruarí sighs, 'but where do we start?'

'Let's start at the very beginning, that's a very good place to start,' Donncha says seriously, trying to get back to the carefree way they were five minutes ago, then gives a little smile to Ruarí as she realises what he's just done.

'There's another thing to add to the list of things we remember, you still remember that my favourite musical is The Sound of Music,' Ruarí giggles at the stupidness of it, 'that's not something most people would remember,'

'Well you did watch it every single Saturday night,' Donncha points out.

'Well . . . Oh whatever. You still know the songs though,' Ruarí grins, 'that just shows you actually paid attention,'

'I promise you that is the only song I know from it,' Donncha says, raising his hands in defence, 'and I don't even know it properly,'

'Of course you don't,' Ruarí chuckles, 'but starting from the start would be a good idea,'

'It would, but what if we just start fighting again?' Donncha asks, slightly worried.

'That's what I thought but Cian seems to have this all worked out,' Ruarí rolls her eyes at how Cian was almost as persistent as she was, 'what he thinks is that because we won't be around each other as much as we were last time nothing would become of it,'

'I suppose he does have a point,' Donncha admits while getting up and walking to the fridge, 'You want a drink? Oh, eh, all we have is coke. Sorry,'

'Jeez, we're remembering all sorts aren't we?' Ruarí laughs, 'I thought you didn't like it either? A glass of water will suffice I suppose,'

'Yeah, well after a year of drinking jack and coke, you get used to it,' Donncha answers, filling a glass of water up and setting it on the worktop, 'It will suffice, that's all?'

'A year? So you liked it last July?' Ruarí questions, 'beggars can't be choosers, can they?'

'Okay, almost a year then. Happy now?' Donncha chuckles, 'so you're begging now?'

'Yes, of course, I am totally begging,' Ruarí says, her voice drowned with sarcasm.

'Oh my god, you actually sounded so like Cian there it's not even funny,' Donncha says a little weirded out, 'that was very strange,'

'Well I didn't mean to,' Ruarí laughs, 'am I going to actually have to walk over there and get my drink myself?'

'Yeah, I think you will,' Donncha teases crossing his arms across his chest and leaning against the worktop.

'Fine then,' Ruarí says getting up and walking towards the glass that Donncha had filled earlier but when she's about to reach for it Donncha stands in her way, 'and you're trying to dehydrate me because?'

'I'm not,' Donncha answers plainly without giving it any thought.

'So what are you doing?' Ruarí asks, getting annoyed because, y'know, she wanted her drink.

'This,' Donncha said before leaning down and pressing his lips to Ruarí's. She's too shocked to do anything for a couple of seconds, but when her senses are finally under her control again she pushes him away from her.

'What was that!?' Ruarí demands but doesn't give him a chance to answer before she starts talking again, okay, maybe it was a bit louder than talking, 'you can't just go around kissing me! I came here to make up, not to make out! I actually can't believe you did that!'

'I, erm, just thought, y'know, it was going that way,' Donncha says embarrassed while scratching the back of his neck.

'You thought it was going that way!? You thought because we were getting along and laughing and having a good time together you could kiss me!? Donncha, that's not how it works. Especially between us,' Ruarí says really frustrated.

'Yes, that's exactly what I thought, Ruarí,' Donncha says loudly, 'I don't see what harm it did,'

'Donncha, you listen to me and you listen good,' Ruarí says using her finger to poke his chest for emphasis, 'there is a guy in the room next door to us, his name is Cian O'Neill and I really, really like him, but if you do anything to come between us I swear to god you will never see the light of day again and you know I'm being proper serious,'

'Yeah, yeah, okay. I still don't see what I did wrong. You probably kissed Cian today anyway,' Donncha says seeming a lot calmer than Ruarí was.

'I just told you what you did wrong and whether we did kiss or not is totally irrelevant,' Ruarí says, taking a deep breath to calm herself down.

'You did, didn't you?! Oh wow, you're such a hypocrite, Ruarí,' Donncha says, giving a frustrated laugh.

'No, I'm not. I never said anything about that. I said that you don't kiss me just because we were having a laugh,' Ruarí says, going to run her hand through her hair but decided to stop herself because Donncha would use it to change the subject.

'Yea and I bet that's why the two of you kissed,' Donncha says, taking a step towards Ruarí.

'No, Donncha, you don't know half the story. You don't know when, where or why,' Ruarí says taking a sidestep towards the door incase a quick escape was needed.

'I know Cian well enough to say that it was sometime around when the two if you were having a really good time and it was more of cute kiss than anything else,' Donncha confidently says with a smug grin.

'Actually no, it was nothing like that at all,' Ruarí smiles at the memory but it also knocks the smug grin off Donncha's face.

'Well, then,' Donncha replies, a bit stuck for words so instead changes the subject, 'I see our making up didn't go to plan,'

'No it didn't but I didn't expect it to,' Ruarí says walking towards the door, 'so if you'll excuse me I'll be leaving this room now,'

'Yeah, whatever,' Donncha says through gritted teeth, turning his back to the door and waving over his shoulder.

Ruarí slams the door and leans against it when its closed. Whatever chance there was of them making up before, it was a million to one shot now. She was disappointed that she had left Cian down, but there was no way she was going to be making up with him anytime soon.

'Where is Cian anyway?' Ruarí says to herself, then sets off up the stairs to have a look around for Cian.
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