743 Hours 54 Minutes

Cian and Ruarí meet in a pretty unusual way. Not how people would expect you to meet, let's say, the love of your life.

The two can tell this isn't going to be a normal friendship/relationship when something unexpected is thrown into the mix after barely a day of knowing each other.

They try and try their hardest, but can a relationship really be made in 743 hours 54 minutes?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Sunday July 1st, 21:25, The enterance to Cian's estate
(722hrs 30min)

After a very frantic change of clothes into a tracksuit and a t-shirt, thinking she wasn't going to make it in time, Ruarí pulls up in her car and waits next to the entrance to Cian's estate after he called her telling her he wanted to meet up again to talk to her about something. After a couple of minutes waiting she sees the dark outline of a body walking towards the car in the distance. She unlocks the car doors and Cian slides into the passenger seat of the car closing the door behind him. 

'Sorry about making you drive all the way in this late,' Cian says apologetically. 

'No it's okay, you sounded pretty worried on the phone,' Ruarí replies while locking the doors again and turning on one of the overhead lights so they weren't talking into complete darkness. 

'Yeah but I don't even know what I'm worried about, that's the thing,' Cian says, leaning back in his seat and pushing a hand through his hair as if to make his brain work harder. 

'Oh, right,' Ruarí says a bit confused, 'so what was it you wanted to talk to me about?'

'Yeah, when you dropped me off today, my friend who I share a flat with saw you drop me off and when I went inside he was all frantic about something,' Cian starts saying, 'when I asked what was wrong he said that I should talk to you about whatever it is before he said anything,'

'Okay,' Ruarí answers plainly, starting to realise where this could be going, 'What's your friends name?'

'Eh, Donncha Ryan,' Cian says, causing Ruarí to tense up at the mention of his name, 'Well, I know you know him anyway, but are you alright?'

'Yeah, I'm fine,' Ruarí says, pulling her knees to her chest and resting her head against the headrest behind her head, 'I know him alright, pretty well actually,'

'You obviously don't like each other because you tensed at the mention of his name and he went off when he saw you with me,' Cian says, 'Can you please just tell me why?'

'It's not that we don't like each other,' Ruarí explains, struggling to think of the right phrase, 'we just don't get along great... Anymore anyway,'

'Anymore?' Cian asks, 'So you knew each other before?'

'Yeah, we met March of last year,' Ruarí sighs, trying to keep her composure while she tells the story, 'I think he said that you and another friend were away travelling or something. He told me because he didn't want to seem like a loaner with no friends, or something like that,'

'Me and my friend Tadgh were travelling for seven months, until the end of september,' Cian says, 'He never mentioned you when we came back though, why? He usually tells us about every girl he as much as talks to,'

'I wouldn't blame him for not talking about me. We didn't end all that well,' Ruarí whispers quiet and unconfident. 

'Woah, back up. End well?,' Cian asks really confused at this point, 'You guys were together and he never once told us anything?'

'We were together for about six months and when I've finished telling you what happened you'll understand why he didn't tell you anything,' Ruarí says, resting her chin on her knees and wrapping her arms around her legs. 

'We don't have to talk about this now if you don't want to,' Cian says sounding concerned.

'No, no, it's fine. That wouldn't be fair on you. But I must warn you I'll probably cry,' Ruarí explains, laughing slightly. 

'I don't deal with tears all that well,' Cian says also laughing a bit.

'Its fine, don't worry about it,' Ruarí smiles, 'it won't be hysterical crying, just maybe the odd tear. Anyway, you ready for the story?'

'Yeah, I suppose I am,' Cian answers, 'Are you?'

'I'm okay, ya. So, eh, we met in March last year when he came into a shop where I was working, looking for something he had reserved. He was a good looking guy so when I went and got what he ordered and wrote my name and number on the receipt stuck to it and gave it to him, we chatted for a couple of minutes until I decided that I some needed money so I should get back to work. He text me later that day asking could we meet up sometime so naturally I said yes and we met up in the park just outside this estate the next day when I was on my lunch break from work,' Ruarí tries to start talking again but is cut off by a laughing Cian. 

'See no coffee there. I told you it was crappy,' Cian laughs trying to lighten the mood, but he knew it wasn't going to work much. 

'Oh whatever, I give up trying to convince you. Where was I? Oh yeah, anyways, we met up and we were talking for awhile when I had to get back to work, he asked could he see me again and I just told him to text me. He did the next day and invited me to his flat to hang out,' Ruarí stops for a second to steady herself when she tries to continue Cian cuts across the start of her sentance again.

'I told you, we don't have to do this now,' He says, putting an arm around her shoulder and giving Ruarí a reassuring squeeze. 

Ruarí was getting a bit annoyed at Cian cutting her off. She knew he was only doing it out of the good of his heart but she was a big girl, she could tell a story, even one she didn't really want to tell. 

'No Cian, I've started now so I'm going to finish,' Ruarí says wiping a tear away from the corner of her eye, and resting her head on Cian's shoulder for the second time that day, 'I really don't even know why I'm crying,'

'I'm sure you have a reason why,' Cian whispers, while rubbing his hand up and down her arm, 'You sure you're okay to keep going?'

'Yeah, I'm fine. Well, I went to his flat for the day and just before I left we kissed and he asked me would I be his girlfriend, at first I thought it was too soon because we had only known each other about a week but I said yes anyway, caught up in the moment. You can probably guess what happened next but I'm trying not to relive it so let's just skip on a bit, not that I would have told you anyway... For the first two and a half months everything was amazing. It was just like every other relationship. Then when we hit the three month mark, I dunno what happened really, everything just went really bad. We started fighting, not small petty ones but big proper rows that would start over the smallest things but escalate into the hugest of arguments. They were horrible, really bad stuff but whatever happened we were convinced that it would sort itself out and that we wouldn't do it again,' Ruarí stops speaking and tries to wipe away all her tears before Cian sees her and cuts her off again, but, much to her disliking, he did. 

'Ruarí, look why don't we just finish this tomorrow?' Cian says softly, trying to soothe Ruarí 

'I'm going to finish telling you this tonight. I've only ever told one person what happened between me and Donncha and I need to tell someone else. I'm almost finished anyway,' Ruarí says sitting herself up, releasing her legs from her grasp and drying the last of her tears, 'I remember one time when I came over to his flat and I can't even remember what started us off but it was the worst thing ever. We were screaming and roaring and there was stuff being smashed and it was this close,' - she holds up her hand showing her index finger and thumb about an inch apart - 'to becoming physical between the two of us but one of his neighbours called over to see if everything was alright because of all the noise, and if he hadn't decided to check, who knows what would have happened,'

'I... I... I really don't know what to say,' Cian says, more than surprised at the antics of Ruarí and his best friend, 'You're done the story though, right? There's nothing else, is there?'

'I don't blame you, finding out from someone you've known a day that your best friend who you've probably known forever was in a shitty relationship and never told you about it,' Ruarí sighs, feeling guilty that Cian had to find out so soon and in this kind of a manor, 'and I don't mean to alarm you or anything but there is more,'

'Yeah there's that and the fact that it was actually with you. Like I was just on a date with you thinking that of course no one knew you, when in actual fact you were going out with my best friend before and I didn't even know, what are the odds?' Cian says, running his fingers through his hair for the second time since sitting into the car, 'There's more? Right okay, hit me,'

'Well we had been going out about five months and we were out for the night in some club and I went to the toilets to freshen up a bit and I came back out and he was there with another girl, they were just talking so I went to get another drink and I came back and they were basically swallowing each other. That was when I realised that it wasn't worth it. I didn't want to kick up a fuss so I left without telling him, got a taxi home to my flat and didn't answer his calls or texts for a week. When I had finally calmed down we met up, around the start of September, and I explained to him that I didn't think it wasn't worth it. He agreed after a minor debate and we said our goodbyes, if I'm honest I haven't seen or talked to him since and yesterday was my first date since then. So much for it not being fit for first date conversation,' Ruarí finishes leaning back in her seat, taking a deep breath and letting it out. She notes Cians silence and reaches over and entwines her fingers with his,' I totally understand if you never want to see or talk to me ever again, and I -'

'Don't say that at all. Of course I do, Ruarí. It's just a lot to take in and I'm sure you can understand that,' Cian says interrupting Ruarí and giving her hand a reassuring squeeze, 'but you need to know that if anything does come of this, Donncha is one of my best friends, and I'm not trying to sound like a dick or anything, but the two of you may have to work something out because I'm not choosing between you... Wait that's why you were all nervous earlier?'

'Work something out? Like, make up?' Ruarí asks, slightly shocked at the suggestion, she thought that Cian would understand, 'yea it was, I obviously wasn't paying attention last night,'

'Yes Ruarí, make up. I wouldn't really like if you and my best friend didn't get along at all,' Cian answers, getting slightly annoyed that she didn't want to try, 'I understand that there is a lot between you guys and it's not going to change overnight but even if I wasn't in the picture you guys would eventually cross paths and have to do something about it anyway,'

'Cian! Were you not listening to me!? We haven't spoken one word to each other in what? 10 or 11 months? We fought constantly for the majority of the time we were together and from the way you said he reacted I'm sure he doesn't want to see me as much as I don't want to see him!' Ruarí says, raising her voice slightly and throwing her arms up in the air to exaggerate her point. 

'I get that this will be hard but you guys are going to have to do something about it. Ending on a bad note isn't good. It's bad, hence the term bad note,' Cian retaliates, 'It's not tha-'

'No Cian! I couldn't face it,' Ruarí interrupts quickly and carries on rambling not listening to Cian at all. 

'Ruarí would you stop and listen to me please?' Cian says, getting no response once again from Ruarí as she continues talking.

'... I just wouldn't be able to do it, I just poured my heart out to you and this is what I get?' Ruarí says not paying a spec of attention to Cian, still continuing on talking right over Cian. 

'I really didn't want to have to do this, Ruarí,' Cian sighs, giving Ruarí a second to stop her nonsense and when she doesn't he gently takes hold of her face so they're looking at each other and after a second of waiting for Ruarí to stop talking, Cian pushes his lips to Ruarí's. She's a bit shocked at first but relaxes after a second and wraps her arms around Cian's neck, pulling him in a bit closer. Cian runs his tongue along Ruarí's bottom lip and she willingly parts her lips a little, letting each others tongues gently roam around each others mouths. Ruarí pushes her fingers through Cian's hair while he tangles his fingers in hers. The thousands of butterflies in both of their stomachs, the fireworks going off in their heads and the plain passion in the kiss indicates that there is something there, it may not be huge but it's something to go on. After a few minutes they pull apart breathing slightly heavy.

'Now that I have your attention, can I please speak?' Cian whispers a bit breathless, leaning his forehead against Ruarí's, getting a slight nod in response. 

'What I was going to say was that I really do like you and I'd love if something came out of this, but I seemed to have proved that point a minute ago. I know we haven't known each other long at all, but if we were, to say, start going out, I wouldn't want to have my girlfriend and my best friend hating each others guts. That wouldn't be the best thing, now would it?' Cian says softly looking down into Ruarí's eyes through her eyelashes, getting lost in her deep brown eyes. 

'So you're even thinking of us going out already?' Ruarí says in a hushed tone, giggling slightly and snapping Cian out of his thoughts. 

'Obviously, if I just mentioned it to you,' Cian chuckles lightly, his cheeks flushing slightly pink, 'that's not me asking, just to clarify,'

'Don't worry, I didn't think you were,' Ruarí says with a little laugh, 'Well I do suppose it wouldn't be the best thing if we didn't get along, but it's not going to be easy,' 

'No, it wouldn't be good at all. I never said it would be easy but if you try and you actually want to make things better it will be that bit easier,' Cian says, trying to be as helpful as he can. 

'I still don't know. There is a lot there to sort out and, as I said, we haven't spoken in almost 11 months,' Ruarí says getting nervous at the idea of making amends with Donncha. 

'I know there is, but you guys will have support. You'll have me, for one, and if you let me tell Tadgh that's another one,' Cian says, trying to build Ruarí's confidence. 

'And suppose I could get Clodagh to come around to being a help too,' Ruarí says, letting out a little laugh at the idea of getting Clodagh to come around to supporting them, 'she wasn't all that happy when she found out what went on between us,'

'Clodagh? I'm guessing she's a friend of yours, yeah?' Cian asks turning around and resting his back against the dashboard and pulls his legs up onto the seat in front of him, so he could face Ruarí. 

'Make yourself at home there!' Ruarí says, referring to the way Cian was now sitting, 'and yeah, she's my best friend and the only other person to know what happened,'

'I will thanks very much,' Cian says laughing, 'that's three people. Okay, maybe it's not as many as I thought but it's still some close friends and we'll all support both of you,'

'I guess you're right,' Ruarí yawns covering her mouth with her hand not wanting Cian to see her dinner, 'sorry, guess I'm more tired than I thought. So, how do we even start this "making up" process?'

'It's not even that late, it's only half ten. Yeah, I was thinking about that,' Cian says, thinking hard about the situation while running his fingers through his hair, 'Well maybe you could come over now?'

'Now!? You just said it's half ten. I'm not sure he'd appreciate me, of all people, calling over at half past ten at night,' Ruarí says, wondering why he even suggested it. 

'Yeah, but you've got to start somewhere, so it's either half ten tonight or half ten tomorrow morning,' Cian says as if it's the biggest ultimatum ever given. 

'Good luck waking me up in the morning because I'll be putting my phone on silent,' Ruarí smirks

'I will wake you up, because if you want to do this in the morning you will be staying the night so you don't bail out,' Cian replies, which wipes the smirk off Ruarí'a face. 

'You mean sleep under the same roof as him? Okay let's do this now,' Ruarí replies quickly, sitting up straight, buckling her seatbelt and waits until Cian is sitting up properly to start the car.

'I thought you'd say that alright,' Cian laughs while returning to a normal sitting position and strapping himself in. 

They've been driving for five minutes before anyone speaks again and it's Cian who breaks the silence.

'You do know that nothing's going to happen? I'll be there and I can call Tadgh or you could call Clodagh, I'm right aren't I, if it would make you feel better,' Cian says, feeling Ruarí's nervousness in the air. 

'No, I'm not worried about something happening. I'm more worried about actually talking to him, or even seeing him,' Ruarí sighs, 'and yes, you were right,'

'I told you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You obviously liked him at the start, otherwise you wouldn't have started going out,' Cian states plainly, 'so I dunno, you're just going to have to act like it's still those first two months,'

'Of course I liked him, but if we go along like that's  we might just end up like we did already,' Ruarí says, pulling in across from Cian's apartment building and turning to face him, 'minus the relationship bit,'

'But you won't be constantly around each other so maybe, hopefully, nothing will become of it,' Cian says unbuckling his seatbelt, getting out of the car, opening the door to Ruarí's side of the car, and linking his fingers with Ruarí's, 'you ready?'

'As I'll ever be,' Ruarí answers puting on the best smile she could muster and forcing herself to climb out of the car, 'actually, did he move in with you? Now that I think of it, I don't remember this side of the estate,'

'He did last October... I get why he wouldn't give me a straight reason now,' Cian says, understanding only now why Donncha moved in with him. 

'Yeah, I probably would have moved but that car over there cost alot,' Ruarí complains, 'it's my baby though, so I don't plan on selling it,'

'You and that car,' Cian laughs while they approach the door to his apartment, 'if you feel uncomfortable at all just let me know, okay?'

'Okay,' Ruarí says, taking a deep breath to steady her nerves as Cian opens the door into the hallway. 

'Just go into the kitchen, I'll be back in a second,' Cian says, letting go if Ruarí's hand and walking towards the stairs, 'make yourself comfortable,'

'I'll need to, won't I?' Ruarí mutters under her breath while walking into the kitchen she was in last night and sitting on a chair next to the kitchen table. She didn't take the time last night to notice that the kitchen was actually really modern for a flat. There was one of those fancy hobs with no rings, the cupboards were all dark brown and they had a high gloss finish and the kitchen table and chairs were the same colour as the cupboard doors, everything was perfect, the only thing that was out of place was a red retro fridge they had but it set off the dark cupboards and gave everything a really quirky finish. Her thoughts were interrupted after a couple of minutes when she hears two sets of footsteps walking down the stairs and two familiar voices laughing as they walk into the kitchen. When Donncha sees her he immediately stops. 

'Ruarí?' he asks, not believing his eyes. 

'Donncha,' Ruarí says standing up startled and pushing the chair back a bit as she does so and knocking it over. 

'It's... Yea... I... You... Hey,' Donncha stammers, not knowing what to say. 

'Eh, hi,' Ruarí manages to whisper. 

'Do you guys want me to leave you alone or...?' Cian says, confused at what to do. 

'I think it would be best,' Donncha eventually says after a minute or two of pretty intense staring, 'we've got quite a lot of talking to do,'


Heya everyone :) I'm sorry for not uploading earlier but I did now :) so I'd REALLY appreciate if I got some feedback :) THANK Y'ALL! ;D xxx
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