743 Hours 54 Minutes

Cian and Ruarí meet in a pretty unusual way. Not how people would expect you to meet, let's say, the love of your life.

The two can tell this isn't going to be a normal friendship/relationship when something unexpected is thrown into the mix after barely a day of knowing each other.

They try and try their hardest, but can a relationship really be made in 743 hours 54 minutes?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (updated)

Sunday July 1st, 11:30, Ruarí's apartment
(732hrs 30min)

'Hello Clodagh. To what do I owe the pleasure of talking to you at eleven-thirty in the morning?' Ruarí yawns into her phone after answering it because the ringing was pounding in her head making her feel horrible, obviously Cian didn't save her that headache after all. 

'Well nothing really, just the fact that you disappeared last night and it was obviously with someone!' Clodagh laughs into the phone, resulting in the pounding in Ruarí's head getting worse.

'Please speak quietly, my head feels like it's going to explode,' Ruarí whispers softly, 'and I did not leave for that reason. I met a guy who was from Ireland and we were talking and we couldn't hear so we went to his apartment. That's it, no biggie,'

'Oh yes, that's totally believable. If that's all you left for, where are you now?' Clodagh questions

'I am at home in bed after being woken up by the horrible noise of my phone ringing,' she replied, fed up and wanting so badly to turn over and go back to sleep. 

'Right then, I'm coming over,' Clodagh said and before Ruarí had the chance to reply there was a tone signalling the end of their phone call. 

'Yes, sure. Come over why don't you, Clodagh?' Ruarí said to herself getting up and heading into her bathroom to brush her teeth and have a quick shower before Clodagh arrives. 

She is just about to go into the shower when her phone rings,

'First depriving me of sleep, now of my hygiene! Clodagh you can wait I'm afraid,' Ruarí says to the phone assuming her best friend was attempting to ring her again. 

After about ten minutes in the shower she steps out into a towel which was waiting for her on the radiator. She dries herself off and gets dressed into a pair of grey track suit pants and a white "San Fransico" t-shirt. She puts some product in her hair, attempting to refrain it from frizzing, and leaves it to dry naturally. After moisturising and applying a light layer of make-up she decides to check her phone and maybe call Clodagh back. She grabs her phone from her dresser and unlocks it to check her missed calls. She's surprised to see the missed call is not from Clodagh but from a number she doesn't know. 

A couple of minutes has passed since she started trying to figure out if she knew the number or not and when she decides she doesn't, she rings it back. After three rings someone answers,

'Eh, hey Ruarí,' a voice says through the phone, sounding slightly nervous. 

'Cian? I was wondering whose number this was, I mustn't have saved it last night,' Ruarí laughs, walking down the stairs into her kitchen and boiling the kettle. 

'Well it's lucky one if us did, isn't it?' Cian teases, 'haha, yea, well anyway, I was just wondering if you wanted to meet up later for a coffee or something?'

'Lucky, isn't it? Yea, that sounds good,' Ruarí smiles into the phone, just when the buzzer sound signalling someone wanted to be let up into the apartment. 

'Perfect!' Cian says, sounding a bit over excited but regains his composure quickly, 'Ehm, do you have anywhere in mind?'

'It's coffee, not an anniversary dinner or something. Anywhere is fine! Just hang on for two seconds there,' Ruarí laughs while opening the door to her apartment and signalling to Clodagh to be quiet when she starts to say something, 'Sorry, so anywhere is good for me really,'

'Well then how about Starbucks? The one down the road from the club we were in last night,' Cian asks hopefully. 

'That's settled then. I'll see you at around three?' Ruarí says happily, 'Oh, and so much for saving each other a massive headache. My head is still sore,'

'Me too, my head is pounding,' Cian laughs, 'Yeah, that's brilliant. I'll see you then Ruarí,'

'Bye Cian, I'll see you later,' she says, hanging up the phone and walking into the kitchen where Clodagh was waiting for her. 

'So Cian is his name?' Clodagh smirks when Ruarí enters the kitchen and hands her a cup of tea, 'He sounds sweet,'

'Yes his name is Cian and I've known him about twelve hours so I don't think you can tell properly after that very short period of time, but yes, judging from last night and that phone call just there, he does seem sweet,' she answers plainly taking a small sip from her cup of tea which Clodagh had mastered at making after 2 years of learning. 

Which made her think about how the two of them became friends. They met just after a college lecture in a way that if it was any other people they would have just apologized and walked away from it.


'Okay, since I've got nothing left to teach you all I suppose you can go. Goodbye everyone,' Professor Garret said picking up his own notes and walking out of the room. 

Ruarí picked up her books and started for the door of their small, cramped classroom which they had been stuck in for the last hour and a half. When she was almost at the door she dropped one of her books and she bent down to pick it up but someone had tried to be helpful to her and they bopped heads when they both bent down. 

'Oh! Christ, that hurt! Are you alright?' Ruarí asks picking her book up and rubbing her head where it had collided with the other persons head. 

'Man, that did hurt! I'm alright though, no concussion here,' the girl laughs. She has dark blonde hair that was pulled back into a messy ponytail and grey-blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a Hollister hoodie that made her look quite peppy, 'Are you okay though?'

'Yeah, don't worry about me! I'm Ruarí,' she says sticking her hand out in the girls direction for her to shake it. 

'Clodagh. Nice to meet you, Ruarí,' Clodagh says grabbing hold of Ruarí's hand and vigorously shaking it up and down. 

'You too, Clodagh,' Ruarí says while laughing at her antics and they walk out of the building together. 

'So, what dorm are you in?' Clodagh asks, making small conversation. 

'Just across from here,' Ruarí replies pointing to the building. 

'No way? Me too!' Clodagh laughs as the two of them make their way to their dormitory talking the whole way. 

*flashback over*

'Ruarí! Are you there?' Clodagh asks, clicking her fingers in front if Ruarí's face interrupting her thoughts. 

'What? Yeah, sorry. So, what were you saying?' Ruarí says setting her cup of tea on the kitchen worktop realising it was starting to burn her hands. 

'What I asked was where are you meeting him?' Clodagh sighs, tired of repeating herself. 

'Starbucks. The one by the club from last night,' Ruarí replies, pulling herself up to sit on the worktop, 'So, what did you did last after I left?'

'Drank, danced and left. So if your head is bad imagine what mine is like,' Clodagh said placing her hand over her forehead and eyes to demonstrate her point, 'What time are you meeting this "Cian" at?'

'Around three o'clock is what we said so I'll try and be ready early because you know me and my timekeeping,' Ruarí laughs and whacks the back of her head off the corner of the handle on the cupboard behind her, 'Owww! Stupid shagging pointy handles. Why the fuck do you put pointy handles on press doors anyway?! There is going to be some bloody bump there later,'

Clodagh stares at Ruarí in shock while she continues in yelling profanities and when she finally ceases her swear fest it's Clodagh's turn for an outburst, but this time in laughter,'Oh my god, that was the funniest thing ever! I haven't seen you swear like that in such a long time! You will not be hearing the end of this for ages,'

'It's not funny! If you were feeling the pain I am now you would be screaming all sorts too. Ow, ow, ow, OW!' Ruarí say, slightly raising her voice while rubbing the part of her head that came in contact with the handle, 'the bump better not be that big, I don't want to have a bump the size of a football on the back of my head when I'm going out. Speaking of which, what time is it?'

'Oh, that was funny, I swear. Yes, I would, but you don't really swear a lot so that's why it was funny,' Clodagh laughs, while wiping a tear from the corner of her eye proving she did think it was really that funny, 'according to my totally not accurate ancient Nokia it's ten minutes past the one o'clock but it's probably about half past or twenty five to two,'

'Twenty five to two? That gives me... An hour?! Clodagh! I need to get ready!' Ruarí says jumping down off the worktop frantically and pulling Clodagh up the stairs after her.

'Calm down, Ruarí. All you need to do is decide what you're wearing because you seemed to have showered since you smell somewhat good, joking you smell fine,' Clodagh says placing her hands on Ruarí's shoulders because she got a little bit frantic at that comment, 'and you don't need anymore make-up because that looks lovely and deciding what to wear can't be that hard since you can't really turn up to a Starbucks in the middle of London in a floor length, one shouldered red dress, now can you?'

'Yea, I suppose you're right. So go on, raid my wardrobe and find something boring and make it amazing,' Ruarí laughs and throws herself down on her bed while Clodagh tries to find something to wear in Ruarí's wardrobe. 

After another ten minutes of rooting she finally turns around and squeals, 'Yes! You are wearing these! I finally found something nice in this wardrobe!' she then drops a pair of blue tapered pants, a white string vest and a white high neck lace shirt with a lapel collar on top of Ruarí and signals for her to change. 

Ruarí gets up off the bed and pushes Clodagh out of the room while she changes, when she's finished Clodagh walks back it and takes a long look at the outfit before saying, 'Tuck the t-shirts into the pants and maybe put on a belt and you'll look even more gorgeous,'

After doing what she's told she turns to Clodagh and gives her a hug and says, 'Thank you so much, I really don't know where I'd be without you,'

'It was no trouble really and you'd be absolutely fine if we hadn't thumped heads that day!' Clodagh says, letting go of Ruarí, 'Now you've got some coffee to go get with some guy, who I'm sure is very cute,'

'Okay, I'll ring you later,' Ruarí says scampering down the stairs grabbing the keys to her white Fiat 500, her wallet and mobile. She calls up to Clodagh to let herself out and runs down the stairs to the car park where her car is parked. 

She unlocks the car, hops into the driver seat, puts her keys in the ignition, turns them and drives off in the direction of the Starbucks where Cian and her had decided they were meeting. 

Sunday July 1st, 14:50, Starbucks Coffee
(729hrs 10min)

'It's only ten to, Cian. She's going to turn up,' Cian mutters to himself as he sits at a table near the back of Starbucks watching the door intently. 

He has been sitting there since quarter to three just to make sure he wasn't going to be late because he can sometimes lose track of time. He's been waiting so long the same guy had come up to him three times asking if they could take the chair because there was no one using it. Each time he just answered, 'I'm a bit early, they'll be here soon,'

At five minutes to three the same guy comes up to him for the fourth time,

'Are you sure we can't take the chair? You've been there ten minutes and no one has come. Please?' the person asks one more time. 

Cian is just about to snap and give them the chair when Ruarí walks in the door,

'Ruarí! I'm back here,' he says waving his hand so she couldn't miss him. 

'Hey Cian!' she says walking up to him and giving him a hug, 'sorry I'm a bit late,'

'No don't worry about it,' Cian says letting go of Ruarí and sits down,'you're not late, it was perfect timing,'

'Perfect timing, eh? Don't get used to it, I'm always late,' Ruarí laughs sitting down in the chair across the table from Cian. 

'Yeah, that guy behind us kept asking me could he have your chair and if you hadn't arrived when you did he'd be in hospital now and I'd be in Garda custody. Or should I say police custody...' Cian explains while taking a sip of his coffee, 'I'm always late too but I made a special effort today to be somewhat early. Oh, and sorry if you don't like the coffee I didn't know what you liked so I just got you a pretty normal one,'

'Haha, well then I'm glad I'm late because I wouldn't like if you were to end up in jail. That would mean no more drinks spilt on me,' Ruarí laughs, 'No, the coffee is amazing! Can't go wrong with anything from Starbucks really,'

'I'm never going to hear the end of that am I?' Cian says looking down at his lap in embarrassment. 

'No, never. Well, from me anyway  because I assume you didn't tell anyone else,' Ruarí says looking straight at Cian. 

'Hey, you're not wearing your contacts,' Cian says noticing the colour change in Ruarí's eyes since last night and it was a subject change from his incident,' I think the brown is much prettier than the green,'

'Yeah, I didn't bother putting some more in today. Aw, thank you,' Ruarí smiles while blushing wildly 

'You know I've never met a girl to blush anywhere near as much as you have in the last day,' Cian says laughing a little, 'but don't take that the wrong way. I think it's cute,'

Ruarí blushes even more at his comment and places her hands on her cheeks, then says, 'Would you shut up! I'm going to look like a tomato soon,'

'I told you, I think it's cute. So I won't be stopping anytime soon,' Cian teases and notices Ruarí playing with the keys to her car, 'you drive a Fiat? What kind?'

'I drive a Fiat 500 and it's my baby. No one else is allowed to drive it. I basically spent my life savings on it and I'm not spending anymore money then I need to on it,' Ruarí says twirling the keys around her index finger and catching them, 'what do you drive?'

'I drive a crappy Citroën Saxo that's constantly in the garage. I spent about two and half grand on it and if I'm honest it was a total waste of money and I'd totally let someone crash it just to claim money from my insurance,' Cian sighs sitting back in his chair, 'You've at least got a car that runs properly and isn't as old as you,'

'How did you get a working car for two and a half grand?! That's near impossible. Aw, it can't be that bad,' Ruarí says finishing her coffee in one big gulp.

'It's not working. That's how. I've had it about three years and it's spent about two of those in the garage,' Cian complains, 'It is, I'll take you for a spin in it sometime and then you'll see how bad it really is,

'That's a deal then,' Ruarí says holding her hand out for Cian to shake it to seal the deal. 

'Deal,' Cian says taking hold of Ruarí's hand and shaking it, 'Also while we are making deals I'd like to make a deal to take you to a nicer place next time. If there is a next time of course, because when I said "take you out" I didn't really mean to Starbucks for coffee,'

'No don't worry about it! This was lovely, I enjoyed it a lot. I'm pretty sure there will be a next time and you know that too,' Ruarí says putting her hand of top of Cians to reassure him. 

'I enjoyed it to but I don't think Starbucks is the best place for a date. So nex - ' Cian goes to start another sentence but gets cut off by Ruarí. 

'So this is a date now, is it?' Ruarí asks smugly. 

'Well... You know... I just thought... Since it was - ' Cian starts nervously but once again gets cut of by Ruarí. 

'I'm only messing with you! Of course this is a date,' Ruarí laughs, 'Isn't that what "taking someone out" means? To take someone out on a date?'

'Ruarí! I was actually really worried for a second there! Yes, hence I used the word "date". Then you tried to kill me with fright,' Cian says, laughing slightly awkwardly, 'anyway, what I was saying before you tried to kill me was maybe the next time I could take you out to lunch or something?'

'I did not try to kill you! I don't think I could live with the emptiness in life,' Ruarí says dramatically, 'But yes, that sounds perfect,'

'Of course you couldn't, after not even a day of knowing each other,' Cian says laughing at Ruarí's antics. 

'Yes, I do think I'd feel empty. Even after less than a day,' Ruarí says picking up her car keys and standing up, 'so do I get to see your crappy car?'

'Isn't that sweet?' Cian says standing up and putting his arm around Ruarí's shoulder, 'Not today I'm afraid, it's in the garage once again,'

'Oh, whatever! So how did you get in earlier?' Ruarí questions looking up at Cian. 

'I took this magical thing called the bus. You pay for a ticket and it brings you wherever you need to go,' Cian laughs lightly and tries to take his arm from around Ruarí. 

'No, leave your arm please. I'm cold and you're comfy,' Ruarí says resting her head on his shoulder and pulling his arm back down with her hand, 'I'm not letting you take that magic machine home again, I'll drive you,'

'Since you asked so nicely I suppose I have to leave my arm. No, it's okay. It might be dodgy magic used but it will be fine,' Cian replies as Ruarí starts to steer them towards where her car was parked. 

'Nope. I don't care how much you protest I am driving you home and I sort of know where it is anyway,' Ruarí argues, slipping out of Cian's grasp reluctantly and sliding into the driver seat of her car. 

'You are a very persistent girl,' Cian says walking around to the other side of the car and getting into the passenger seat, 'Not that I mind of course. It's just going to make my life a misery. You're car is a right-hand drive?'

'I am very persistent and people have said that it would be the death of them,' Ruarí laughs while putting the keys in the ignition and starting the car, 'yeah it is, I said I'd get one because I'd be more used to it. I eventually found one after so much looking,'

'Oh, wow. For a small car it makes a big noise,' Cian says giving the dashboard a slap, as if to give the car a pat on the back. 

'Yeah, it's a good little car,' Ruarí says slipping into first gear and driving out of the parking space they were in, onto the road, 'Okay you're going to have to help me get to your house since I can't remember some of the way,'

'Well I do know the way, so I don't think that will be a problem,' Cian laughs while turning on the radio to hear One Direction's One Thing playing on the radio, 'Oh god, not them. I'm changing station,'

'Don't diss them, okay? And you're not turning it off,' Ruarí says slapping Cian's hand away from the radio. 

'You don't actually like them, do you? They're useless!' Cian says starting to laugh. 

'Guilty pleasure number 1: One Direction. I like them okay?They can sing and they're cute,' Ruarí giggles while turning up the radio and raving along to the song while dancing as much as she can while driving, 'Now I'm climbing the wall, but you don't notice at all, that I'm going out of my mind, all day and all night,'

'You can just drop me off here if you'd like to save me the embarrassment,' Cian says reaching for the door handle, 'I can't believe you even know the words to the song. And you're enjoying listening to it!'

'Of course I'm enjoying it, I told you I think they're cute and they're good singers. So if you hang with me you hang with 1D! Damn man, that rhymed,' Ruarí laughs at Cian who is sliding downwards in his seat in utter embarrassment. 

'Oh god, maybe there won't be a next time...' Cian says pushing himself back up as the song finishes. 

'Aw, I'm not that bad!' Ruarí says giving Cian a little slap on the knee, 'So there won't be a next time? Oh that's a real shame. Well it was nice while it lasted I suppose,'

'You are such a drama!' Cian says putting him arm around the back of Ruarí's headrest, 'Just take a right turn up here and we're in the park,'

'You live in here?' Ruarí says getting slightly nervous, 'I mustn't have noticed last night,'

'Yeah, I do. What's wrong?' Cian says slightly concerned. 

'Oh no, nothing. That's not fit for first date conversation,' Ruarí chuckles a bit. 

'Oh, okay then,' Cian says getting rather intrigued but decided not to push it seeing as Ruarí seemed to be a bit on edge, 'this is it here,'

'Okeydokey then,' Ruarí says indicating right to pull in and getting out of the car when she's happy with the parking, 'Thanks for the coffee today, I had a good time,'

'No problem at all, I enjoyed myself too,' Cian smiles walking around to Ruarí's side of the car and pulling her into a hug. 

When they both withdraw from the hug Cian looks down at Ruarí just as she tilts her head upwards and their eyes lock. The two of them start to close the gap between each other and just when their lips are about to meet Cian's phone goes. 

'Are you actually for real?' Cian mutters to himself, pulling his phone out of his pocket and reading the message. 

"One New Message: Donncha"

Dude, what are you doing!? 

'You know, I should probably be going anyway,' Ruarí says breaking the silence and starting to walk back to the car. 

'Yeah, I guess so,' Cian replies, pulling Ruarí into one last hug, 'I'm promise you I'll make up for this crappy coffee date. I'll text you later,'

'I told you, it wasn't crappy it was lovely,' Ruarí says letting go of Cian and opening her door, 'okay, I'll talk to you then,'

'Whatever you say,' Cian chuckles closing the car door and bends down when Ruarí opens the window, 'so I'll see you soon then?'

'Definitley,' Cian says as Ruarí leans out and gives him a kiss on the cheek. 

'Good. Well, bye then,' Ruarí smiles, pulling the window up. 

'Bye, Ruarí,' Cian says stepping back and giving her a small wave before walking up the stairs and into his apartment to be met by a frantic looking Donncha. 

'What was that, man!?' Donncha basically shouts at Cian. 

'What was what?' Cian says confused. 

Donncha takes a few deep breaths to calm down before saying, 'Her name is Ruarí, isn't it?'

'Yeah, it is,' Cian says hesitantly, 'How do you know?'

'Eh, I don't think I should be the one to tell you,' Donncha says rubbing the back of his neck and looking at Cian apologetically, 'She should. Just give her a call or text or something and just talk to her,'

'I don't understand though,' Cian says, so confused at Donncha's actions. 

'You won't until someone explains but I think Ruarí should,' Donncha says walking up the stairs to his bedroom and shouts down before closing the door, 'you should get this over with as soon as possible. It'd save everyone some pain,'

'Ok then?' Cian whispers to himself and picks up his phone to call Ruarí. 

'Cian? Is something wrong?' Ruarí says when she answers, obviously confused at the fact they had just spoken. 

'Actually, I'm not sure to be honest. I was wondering if we could meet up later? Or tomorrow even?' Cian says nervously. 

'I could do later if you want?' Ruarí replies quickly, noting the nervousness in Cian's tone 

'That'd be perfect. Just at the edge of my park,' Cian says perking up a bit, 'Yeah, I just want to talk to you about something,'

'Sure, okay,' Ruarí says a slight shake in her voice, 'is half nine too late?'

'No, that's good, I'll see you later,' Cian replies, 'Bye,'

'Yeah, bye,' Ruarí answers before hanging up. 

They both wondered what this is about. Why they had to meet up so late at night and what was so important that if had to be done that soon?


Okay, this is pretty long but I couldn't bear ( bare ? :/ ) to chop it :3 hope you enjoyed it :) PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE COMMENT :D love you lots like jelly tots ;) xx
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