743 Hours 54 Minutes

Cian and Ruarí meet in a pretty unusual way. Not how people would expect you to meet, let's say, the love of your life.

The two can tell this isn't going to be a normal friendship/relationship when something unexpected is thrown into the mix after barely a day of knowing each other.

They try and try their hardest, but can a relationship really be made in 743 hours 54 minutes?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Saturday June 30th, 21:00, Cian's Apartment 
(+3hrs 6min)

'Oh, shit! Really?' Cian yelled as he spilt yet another glass of water down the front of his navy and white stripy t-shirt, soaking him from his neck down, 'and I haven't even had a drink yet. If this is what I'm like stone cold sober, what am I going to be like after a drink, or-'

'10?' Donncha laughs, cutting Cian off in the middle of his sentence, 'You know damn well what you're like after a few drinks, don't try and deny it. Or does someone need to see the video we took of their twenty-first birthday again?'

'NO! I'm fine, honestly. That is one memory I will not be reliving anytime soon,' Cian says, pulling off his top and putting it into the tumble dryer for the fourth time that day, 'this thing is going to explode if it is used again in the next twenty-four hours,'

'Well then stop being such a clutz and watch where you're walking in future, instead of walking straight into a wall or a door or something. Anyway, are you ready because I just got a text from Tadgh saying that he is nearly here,' Donncha questions, walking into the hall and standing in front of the mirror where he fixes his crisp white shirt which was paired with a pair of dark denim jeans, a navy blazer and a pair of pristine white converse that looked like they were factory fresh. 

'Yes Donncha, I am one hundred percent ready,' Cian replies, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 

'Well better hurry that little arse of yours on and get a new shirt, because he is pulling up outside," Donncha says, pushing Cian towards the stairs. 

'I really don't see why we can't just wait for it to dry," Cian sighs as he begins to trot up the stairs towards his room where he pulls out a red and navy horizontally striped t-shirt and pulls it over his head, glad that he doesn't have to root out another pair of pants seeing as his navy chinos go with this top aswell. He checks himself one last time in the mirror before bounding down the stairs to collide with a broad, muscly body at the bottom. 

'Tadgh, has anyone ever told you it is not safe to be hanging around the bottom of stairs?' Cian asks dramatically, brushing himself off from the impact, 'it is very dangerous. As we have just demonstrated,'

'No Cian, I've never been told that before, but you just did now so I will take that on board,' Tadgh says seriously giving Cian a salute, then bursts into a fit of laughter. 

'If you two are done acting the fool, I think it's time we should get going,' Donncha says, nudging Cian and Tadgh towards the front door. 

'Alright, alright, don't get y'alls panties in a twist,' Cian says in a southern accent making Donncha crack up and almost fall, which in turn makes Tadgh stumble down a few steps of the stairs down to the ground floor of their apartment block, where his car was parked waiting for them. 

'Shotgun!' Cian calls, hopping into the front of the car and buckling his seatbelt, showing that no one was going to be moving him. 

'Agghh, I never get to ride shotgun,' Donncha whines, 'it's all your fault that I didn't get to now, because you were the one who liked the feeling of wearing a wet t-shirt,'

'Well if you hadn't spent forever looking at yourself in the mirror I don't think we'd be in this situation. Besides you wouldn't have gotten it anyway,' Cian retorts. By the time he's finished his sentence, Donncha has started another jibe at him and soon what they're saying just becomes one big blur. 

'GIRLS, you're both pretty okay?' Tadgh says loudly getting their attention, making his unacknowledged presence known, 'can we please just get in the car and go now. I've been looking forward to this since this morning'

'This morning? We asked you yesterday,' Donncha asks confused, while clambering into the back seat of the car. 

'Yeah but I really didn't want to go yesterday,' Tadgh answers, shooting them both an apologetic look, 'but this morning I thought of the best place to go!'

'Oh yeah?' Cian questions, 'where is this brilliant place then?'

'I was thinking Fabric,' Tadgh answers, 'I know the bouncer there and he said I could come by anytime I wanted,'

'Well that's sorted then!' Donncha days poking his head through the space through the middle of the two front seats. 


After about twenty minutes of trying to find the right way to the club and some stupid conversation thrown in there, they finally reach the club. 

'You two get out while I go and park the car. Just go straight to the top of the queue and just tell them I'm parking the car.' Tadgh says to Donncha seeing as Cian had already ran off to skip the massive queue that stood in front of them. 

'Yeah I think Cian has that covered already,' Donncha laughs, 'He literally just ran up and went "TADGH! I know him. Please let us in, he's just parking the car" I'll see you in a second,'
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