The Madman with a Box

Milly Hansles is mostly normal, mostly normal life, mostly normal boyfriend, mostly normal friends. But she will never be completely normal. As a child, she was saved by a magical man who called himself “The Doctor.” Milly was intrigued by this strange man-well, he was an alien actually, but he looks like a man-especially by his blue box. She was in it for a few minutes, although she barely realised. Now she’s “grown up”, apparently, she wants to find him. But how can you find a time-tavelling madman with a box?


2. When I was nine...

The forest burned. Fire, fire everywhere! But white fire. Not the orange flames of a camp fire  pure white fire like snow. I screamed. No one came running, no mummy, no daddy. The fire may not be normal, but the smoke sure is. It’s black and made me choke. It was horrible.

“Mummy!” I screamed. No answer. I tried again. She didn't appear. I started to cry. I curled up into a ball, sobbing and coughing. I felt like I was going to die...

There was a noise, a strange roaring noise, louder than the crackling of the fire. The noise is close and I dared to look up. A strange, blue box appeared. It wasn't there before. The door opened and a man stepped out.

“Okay,” he said. “White flames, black smoke, smell...” He sniffed the air. “Oooh, lavender! Lovely. That narrows it down to, ooh, about sixty alien things, that right Amy?”

A red haired woman spoke from inside the box. “I don’t know, you’re the genius!” she paused. “Does it really smell of lavender?”

“Yep!” laughed the man. “And thanks, I am a genius. Now then, strange fires aside, who’s this?” He crouched down in front of me. He had brown hair styled like my daddy. It made me sob.

“Hello,” he said, taking my hands. “ I'm the Doctor, who are you?”

“M-Milly H-Hansles,” I stammed. “I-I’m nine.” He straightened a bow tie he was wearing. “Why are you w-wearing a bow t-tie?” I was too scared to ask the obvious question-"Doctor Who?"

He straightened it again. “Because they’re cool. Bow ties are cool, so are fezzes although no one liked it so the poor fez got shot. And if we’re talking about age, I’m, ooh, a thousand and something years old?” He shook his head. “Now Milly, what are you doing here?”

I gave him a funny look. What’s he talking about? “P-playing,” I said. “And bow ties are weird.”

The woman laughed. “I like her!” She came out of the weird box thing and sat beside 'The Doctor.' “Hi Milly, I’m Amy. Where are your parents?” she asked softly. She was Scottish.

“I d-don’t know!” I cried. “They left me here!” They didn't, I just got lost.

Amy looked at the Doctor. “Figured out what the flames are yet?”

“Yep!” the Doctor said, sounding pleased with himself, “It’s Kargonixian!” He gave me a worried look. “The smoke is poisonous, especially to humans.”

“But I’m okay!” protested Amy. The Doctor muttered something I didn’t quite catch, something about travelling. I started coughing again. I was shaking really badly. Like, really, really badly. I felt dizzy and tired.

“Okay Milly?” asked the Doctor, sounding worried. He turned to Amy. “Take her into the TARDIS, she’ll be okay there. Get Rory to help her, he’s a nurse isn't he?” Amy nodded and extended her hand. “Come on Milly,” she said calmly. “You’ll be okay.” I grabbed her hand and she lead me into the box, while I tried very hard not to fall over.


I was dreaming. I know I am.

Because it was impossible. “Th-the box!” I said in confusion. “It's-“

Another man interrupted me. “Bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?” I nodded.

“Heard it all before.” Amy laughed. “Rory, she's breathed in half the smoke out there.”

Rory came over to me, speaking kindly. “Hello little girl,” he said. “I’m Rory. I’m going to make you better, okay?” I nodded again.

I liked Rory. He was nice. Not like the doctor who I go to. He was mean, I didn’t like him. Rory did all the same things, but he was so much nicer.

“Okay, you’re Milly right?” he asked. I nodded again. “Right then Milly. You’ve breathed in an awful lot of smoke. It’s a miracle you didn’t die, so you’re a very lucky little girl. But because you’ve breathed in all that smoke, I have to give you some medicine and it won’t taste very nice. Actually, it will taste disgusting, but Amy has a chocolate bar stash somewhere so I can give you one after, okay?”

I smiled. “I like chocolate,” I whispered.

“Who doesn't?” laughed Amy. “It’s lovely chocolate by the way, they’re from...mars? Hey, they’re mars bars!” She smiled at me and I giggled.

The medicine was revolting, really, ergh! I stuck my tongue out in disgust, but grinned when Amy handed me a chocolate bar. It was really nice, like no chocolate I’ve ever had before. It was as if there were fireworks inside my mouth, exploding into bursts of sweetness.

“Yeah, it’s good isn’t it?” Amy laughed. Suddenly, the Doctor came back in. His face was slightly black from the smoke.

“Never give a teenage Kargonixian matches,” he told Rory. “Never ever do that.” Rory gave him a thumbs up and went back to putting something stingy on a burn on my arm. Amy rolled her eyes.

“And why?” she asked him. The Doctor gives her an 'are you serious?' look and pointed outside. The flames have stopped but there’s lots of smoke. “Ohh that happens!” laughed Amy.

“So!” announced the Doctor. “Home for Milly!” He ran to a control desk thingy and started pulling levers, pressing buttons, turning things and typing on a keyboard. Suddenly the box lurched to the right and I nearly fell off my seat!

“Careful Milly,” smiled Rory. “I’ve only just given you a huge dose of antidote; I don’t want you hurting yourself again."

Oh, I did like Rory. He was so nice. “Ah,” said the Doctor, looking at me, “You do know that will make her fall asleep, right?”

That would explain why I was very tired. Rory nodded. “I do read the back of medicines, unlike some people.” He looked at Amy who held her hands up in surrender. “Shut up,” she grinned. “I didn’t know that it made you turn green for a day. Good thing I didn’t try it.” Rory rolled his eyes. I giggled sleepily.

“Are you tired Milly?” asked the Doctor. I nodded. “Come here,” he said. I get up and walk over to him. He pointed to a lever. “Pull that.” I did and suddenly music started playing.

“Oh!” I laughed. “I know this! Mummy sings it all the time!” I started singing along. Amy and Rory were dancing and the Doctor was humming while he fiddled with buttons.

There was a strange noise and we stopped. The Doctor walked over to the doors and opened them. “Lovely room Milly,” he told me. “Love the blue!”I giggled and walk over to him. We're in my room! Rory appeared behind me. "Ooh, it's nice. You'd better get into bed, you're parents will have heard the TARDIS." I nodded and jumped into the bed.

Amy laughed. "Bye Milly!"

I waved at them, smiling. They all stepped back into the box thingy and closed the doors. The box started making strange noises again and then it disappeared.

I snuggled under my duvet, just as Mummy and Daddy walked in. They must have seen that I was 'asleep' because they closed the door and went back out. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes.


When I was nine a madman in a box saved my life. Now I am much older and I want to thank him. But it's impossible to track a time traveller.

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