The Madman with a Box

Milly Hansles is mostly normal, mostly normal life, mostly normal boyfriend, mostly normal friends. But she will never be completely normal. As a child, she was saved by a magical man who called himself “The Doctor.” Milly was intrigued by this strange man-well, he was an alien actually, but he looks like a man-especially by his blue box. She was in it for a few minutes, although she barely realised. Now she’s “grown up”, apparently, she wants to find him. But how can you find a time-tavelling madman with a box?


5. The dream that went on

We actually finished the redecorating. Seriously! The whole flat was painted TARDIS blue, it's lovely. A few of my paintings have been hung up on the walls. There's a bedroom, a kitchen that's also a living room, a bathroom and a tiny spare room. The spare room was to be where I could paint, so it was left white. There's no point in painting a room that's going to eventually be covered in paint.

"All done," grinned Flynn. "Now, I shall leave and wash all this paint off me." I looked at him and laughed. His clothes were covered in blue paint, there was a blue streak in his hair and a blue moustache on his face. I was bored and he was sort of asleep. How could I possibly resist?

"But you're still beautiful," I said and kissed his cheek. Flynn laughed at me and pulled me into a hug. I loved my boyfriend, I really do.

An hour after he left, I was mostly clean. There was still blue in my hair but whatever. I didn't care, it actually looked kinda cool. I loved blue.

Even my bed covers were blue. That wasn't planned, they were blue when I got here. Funny. It was the exact shade of blue I like. 

Well, I was tired. I crawled under the duvet and within moments, I was asleep.


The dream starts the way all dreams do. Normal. I'm sitting in a classroom, doodling stars and planets in my exercise books, not paying attention to the teacher at all. Flynn sits next to me, his drawings are far better than mine. We're both studying art again.

Then it all changes and I'm inside my doodles. I'm in space, looking out at stars and asteroids and so many beautiful things. "This is amazing!" I giggle and turn around.

As always, I am surprised to see not Flynn behind me, but a man who, although he looks like my boyfriend, is completely different. He's wearing an old fashioned jacket and a red bow tie. He's older than Flynn but he's got the personality of a three year old who's eaten too many sweets.

"Yes I know," the man grins. "But come on Milly, we've got things to do, planets to see, universes to save!" He closes the door and starts pushing buttons on a console in the middle of the room. Rolling my eyes, I join him. He pulls a lever and the weird roaring noise starts up, rising and falling in volume and then the dream ends.


But the noise didn't stop. This was new, it always stopped when the dream ended.

I sat up, confused to find that I wasn't wearing my pyjamas. I was still wearing normal clothes. Even weirder, in the middle of my room was a tall box, reappearing and disappearing as the noise gets louder and quieter. Things around it got blown away.

Suddenly, it stopped disappearing and stays there. With a creak, a door opened and a puff of smoke came out. Then, coughing and fanning the smoke away stepped out a man.

I stood up, getting out of my bed. "Hello Doctor."

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