The Madman with a Box

Milly Hansles is mostly normal, mostly normal life, mostly normal boyfriend, mostly normal friends. But she will never be completely normal. As a child, she was saved by a magical man who called himself “The Doctor.” Milly was intrigued by this strange man-well, he was an alien actually, but he looks like a man-especially by his blue box. She was in it for a few minutes, although she barely realised. Now she’s “grown up”, apparently, she wants to find him. But how can you find a time-tavelling madman with a box?


6. The Doctor knows a lot of languages

“Sorry, sorry!” the Doctor says, fanning the smoke away with his hand. “Cor, it’s unbelievable how much fuel you need for a short trip to Raxacoricofallapatorius these days. Is it fuel? Energy? Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff?” He looks at me, as if only just noticing that I'm right in front of him. “Have we met?”

“Y-yes,” I stammer. Doctor. My room. TARDIS. I clear my throat and continue. “I’m Milly, Milly Hansles. You found me when I was nine, in a fire started by a Kargonixian.”

The Doctor looks up for a minute, lips moving as if he was talking to himself. He clicks his fingers and points at me. “Milly Hansles!” he exclaims. “You said bow ties weren't cool.”

I laugh because that’s the only thing he remembers. That I said that bow ties were weird. “My opinion hasn't changed,” I said, looking at the one he was wearing. It was red with brown stripes.

The Doctor straightens his bow tie self-consciously. “It should have,” he mutters. “Tell me, what year is this?”

“Let me see...” I talk slowly, trying not to smile at the frustration that this causes. “Well, last year was...two thousand and eleven? Yes. So this year is...oh the Olympics were on this year and the Queen's diamond jubilee thingy so...2012? Yeah, the year is two thousand and twelve, twenty twelve or deux mille douze, if you happen to be French.”

“ I'm not French,” the Doctor answers. “Although I am fluent in it. And Spanish, German, Italian, African, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, English, Irish, Welsh, Indian, Latin, Greek-”

“I get your point!” I interrupt. “You know a lot of languages. I only know English, bit of French and a bit of Irish.” I stare at the TARDIS with interest. I wonder if anything's changed.

The Doctor notices. "Want to go in?" he asks, making it sound more like an order than a question. I nod madly and he laughs. "Go on then."

I push past him and run into the TARDIS. "It's exactly the same!" I grin. "But where's-" I turn to look at the Doctor. "Where's Amy and Rory?"

"They're gone," he answers, suddenly looking upset. "Companions come and go, they never stay forever. I'm all alone now."

"Oh..." I can't think of anything to say. Suddenly, an idea pops into my head.

"What if I came with you?"

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