The Madman with a Box

Milly Hansles is mostly normal, mostly normal life, mostly normal boyfriend, mostly normal friends. But she will never be completely normal. As a child, she was saved by a magical man who called himself “The Doctor.” Milly was intrigued by this strange man-well, he was an alien actually, but he looks like a man-especially by his blue box. She was in it for a few minutes, although she barely realised. Now she’s “grown up”, apparently, she wants to find him. But how can you find a time-tavelling madman with a box?


7. Run away from all your troubles

The Doctor looked surprised but suddenly grinned. "Won't anyone miss you?" he asked.

"Oh..." I hadn't thought of that. "My parents, Flynn. Wait!" I looked at him, "The TARDIS, it's a time machine, right?"

"Yes..." the Doctor said, not getting it.

"So you can go back in time, right?" I stared at him, wondering just how stupid a person with a time machine can be.

"Yes...Oh!" Finally, he gets it! "I could get you back here a minute ago. No one would miss you that way."

"Well then..." I grinned up at him, seriously. I'm the tiniest person in the world and the Doctor-well. He isn't that tall. But still, I'd only be up to his shoulder for God's sake. "Can I come with you? Pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeease?" I smiled and widened my eyes. Flynn hates my puppy dog eyes, they always make him feel bad and then he gets me something. But he gets his revenge whenever it's Christmas, Valentine's Day or his birthday. A couple of days before, he'll grab something he really likes and show it to me, doing the puppy dog eyes thing.

I wonder if Flynn will miss me.

The Doctor grinned. "Of course you can!"

"Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!" I hugged him and ran straight to the thing in the middle of the TARDIS. It's covered in big, shiny buttons. I love pressing buttons. "What does this do?" I asked, my finger hovered over the blue button.

"Don't press that!" The Doctor said, running over to me. "That's the inter-dimensional fold enabler switch." When he saw the blank look on my face, he sighed and said, "If you press that, all the universes will basically collapse and we'll all explode."

"So... that's...bad?"

"Very very extremely bad," the Doctor said, nodding.

"Well, what does this one do?" I asked, pointing at a shiny, red button. "Will the moon fall out of the sky and crush us all into tiny pieces and then the world will be inhabited by little blue alien people with a completely new language?"

He stared at me, looking totally confused. "No..." he answered. "That's the button for ketchup."


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