Death for love

For a reason that kills him, Timothy looses his only true love. He knows that she wanted it but for her to ask his own brother made him want to kill him. So the real reason is still out there, but will he ever take revenge for her death. Even if his body changes to do so.


3. Questions

It has been to months till that nightmare in the car. No longer will I hope to have her in my life as mine. I remember her sapphire eyes that sparkled when she was happy, her melodic laughs that sent shivers up my spine.  God how I missed her. I stood up and looked out of the window, I was still in some shock about what she said had happened to her but now I was used to it. I wouldn't if she was an alien species with some heart that was only programmed for something else. Somehow though she had changed that programme to only feel the love that we received. What was wrong with me, comparing the only love in my life to a robot that could have blown up the world! I had to get out of here. I picked up my book and went outside and read. Soon enough though I drifted into a restless sleep.


I woke up later in somewhere dark. It was not the garden, there was no breeze or the comfort of the song birds. My head spun and ached like it had just had a volcano erupt inside. My hands niggled inside my brain, tell me something that I didn't understand. I tried to stand but my feet wouldn't budge. My hands wouldn't separate. I was tied to a chair. How did I not see this before. I heard heavy footsteps from outside the door. a light flickered on revealing my surroundings. I didn't take them in as my eyes fell upon a face I knew. 

"Nice to see you again Tim, we are sorry that Maya is dead. No matter though, we have you know."

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