Death for love

For a reason that kills him, Timothy looses his only true love. He knows that she wanted it but for her to ask his own brother made him want to kill him. So the real reason is still out there, but will he ever take revenge for her death. Even if his body changes to do so.


1. I lost her

As I forced the volvo in to higher speeds that I had only tried once before so did Chloe's protests. I didn't hear Maya's talk with Sam. After the constant nag, I slowed the car down and pulled over on to the side of the road. I caught what was happening in the back.

"Please Sam, for the sake of the family." I heard hear whisper. Sam sighed and started. I turned behind me to see the iron grip he had placed around her neck.

"Bye Tim." Was the last thing she said. Sam's grip tightened. SNAP. Her head fell down to her neck. shock and panic was everywhere in my eyes, posture and in the air I breathed. I fumbled with the seat belt and climbed out of the car. The door swung with violence as i opened it. My only true love had died for a family she didn't belong to. She was though. I placed my hand in to the leather pocket on my jacket, I felt the ring twirl in my fingers. She had died for me. Gone, Why?

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