Death for love

For a reason that kills him, Timothy looses his only true love. He knows that she wanted it but for her to ask his own brother made him want to kill him. So the real reason is still out there, but will he ever take revenge for her death. Even if his body changes to do so.


2. Causes (before she died)

As we sat and watched tv, Maya wasn't herself. Her eyes flickered constantly around the room, always ending on the door. She had a bowl of hot nachos which had soon turned cold because her fingers were frozen, her eyes were not the usuall still that I loved. They were as if they were running a marathon on their own. There was a bang on the door.

"Open up Maya! We know your in here." a booming voice raised. I looked at her. She was crazed, there was a look in her eyes which made me think that she would just set on fire reduce to ashes. She jumped up and ran to the back window. Her crazed eyes set on me again, beckoning me to come with her. I grabbed the car keys from the table and ran to the window. It was the bottom story so I didn't have far to jump. I ran just behind her to the garage and started the volvo. I realised that Chloe had already slid in to the car.The car just gave a comforting purr as the engine started, I shoved the gear stick in to reverse and hit the gas pedal hard. They didn't see us leave, I hoped. 

"Maya, what is going on? You've scared me to the bone." I had said, shoving the stick in to the top gear and ramming even further in to the cars bottom.

"You know when I got that gash in my leg," She looked up to see if I was listening, "I didn't fall on to a branch, something bit me. It was an animal. No ordinary one. I went on the hunt for it, but the creature had a gang. They are the body guards of the guy who bit me. I never told you because I was afraid of what you would think of me. They want me dead if I don't go with them, but if I do I will be the only female. The leader will use me like a dog in a puppy mill. Kid after kid, I ran and stayed with you. That was wrong of me though, they will catch you and kill you for helping me. I am so sorry Tim, I have always loved you and didn't want to loose what we had. I couldn't force myself to leave a note for you, but it too late now." She slumped in the back of her seat, her sapphire eyes started to glisten and then over flowed with tears. I had realised that we had ended up at my brother Sam's work. The local shooting range. He was there waiting to see why we were so early.

"Get in." I half screamed at him. Thank goodness he did as he was told.

"What's up, Maya your crying. Did he hurt you?" he half snarled the last bit. He had always had a secret crush on her the first day I brought her home. That was a year and half ago, five days before our parents died in the car accident. I swerved the car back on to the right side of the road.

"No Sam, it was my stupid fault for once. I have done something so wrong that your secret crush on me will be ripped to shreds." She had sobbed, keeping her head head pointed on her feet.

"I'm sure it couldn't be that bad. Hey how do you know?"

Chloe raised her hand at the answer to the fierce and startled question

"I have given a man the right to kill you all in this car, apart from me."


He went back to staring back at his work for the apparent last time. I saw in the mirror that a single tear rolled down his usual stone like face. His deep green eyes, looked lost. Like it was only his body that was in this car, his life was back before he got in the car. That was the last words that were spoke in the car for a while. The car drove on, deep in to the night. Leading us to when she died.

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