Girl on the Windowsill

For people who have been in this situation. I can't imagine what it was like and I hope I never have to experience it.


1. Girl on the Windowsill

Hello I am the girl on the windowsill
I'm waiting for daddy to come home to me
He said that he would be back by two
... Its quater to three
Mummy went to get him from the airport
She left me at home to wait
So I sit here on the windowsill
Waiting for him to walk through the gate
He said he'd be back,he promised
He swore he wouldn't die
Then mummy arrives,her face so sad
Her eyes are wet,why does she cry?
She walks through the door shaking with cold
Her eyes are lifeless,she looks so alone
Turning to me she says
Darling,daddy ain't coming home

Hello I am the girl on the windowsill
My daddy fought for us in the war
Now he is gone
So tell me, what is war good for?

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