Falling Child (911 Tribute)

911 was one of the worlds most horrific events. I sure many people remember watching it on their televisions. Everyone knows where they were that day. Do you remember seeing the small black dots falling from the towers? Those people who decided burning was not the best option? Thats who I'm writing about


10. The Women on the other side of the World

Thousands of miles away,

But suddenly I feel so near,

To the cries, the burns, the pain,

The hate, the fire and fear.


I watch on the flickering tv screen.

Lives as they end,

I think how I could be for those dying people,

Just a simple friend.


They're lost and  they're alone,

Wanting to give in,

They're falling, flailing, turning, swooping,

They plummet, they plunge, they spin.


There's a boy now who is falling as well,

No mercy from the ground,

His twisting body seems in so much pain,

And I pray that peace is found.


As it ends, I pray for those people,

That I have never known or met,

I can only promise them a single thing,

Never shall we forget.


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