Falling Child (911 Tribute)

911 was one of the worlds most horrific events. I sure many people remember watching it on their televisions. Everyone knows where they were that day. Do you remember seeing the small black dots falling from the towers? Those people who decided burning was not the best option? Thats who I'm writing about


5. The Terrorist

I am about to die,

Thats all i can think about as we fly, 

I know what death this shall bring, I dont know what to say,

I don't know what to tell you, say your last words, your final pray

Tears will be shed, thats for sure

I don't seem to feel or care anymore,

My hatred consumed them all,

Now I fly, so majestic, so tall,

We crash, the flames lick towards me,

And in those last moments do you know what I see?

As the high towers screech and moan,

A boy falls, all alone,

I say to the to the child goodbye,

Then, slowly and quietly, i die.

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