Falling Child (911 Tribute)

911 was one of the worlds most horrific events. I sure many people remember watching it on their televisions. Everyone knows where they were that day. Do you remember seeing the small black dots falling from the towers? Those people who decided burning was not the best option? Thats who I'm writing about


7. The Spectator

When I woke up on this fateful day,

I did not predict that it would end that way.

As I saw those plane as they flew,

Do you think I really knew.

How much pain and tears they would make,

How many lives they would take.

I watch as people up in the tower cannot cope,

They lose all faith and they lose all hope.

Down they go, such a long way to fall,

One is hardly a man at all,

He's young, a boy he can only be,

And his death I am now forced to see.

And to think I thought today would be alright,

But I am not sure I will sleep tonight.



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