Falling Child (911 Tribute)

911 was one of the worlds most horrific events. I sure many people remember watching it on their televisions. Everyone knows where they were that day. Do you remember seeing the small black dots falling from the towers? Those people who decided burning was not the best option? Thats who I'm writing about


3. The School Girl

His name is Luke, he's this boy in my school,

Everyone says he likes me, that he thinks I'm so cool,

I can't ever tell them that for years now I've thought

That he was a gift from above, one that angels bought,

I am waiting at the school gate,

It's been ages, he's really late,

I get a call from my mum saying I need to watch the TV

Telling me its urgent, something I must see,

I look and all at once I can't take anymore,

My brain has figured out the last piece of the jigsaw,

He said that his dad would take him to work,

Now I see it in smoke, evil flames lurk,

And I know for certain when I see a black dot, getting closer, more and more

That its my love is falling and with it everything I live for.


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