One Dream

Ashlyn Carter is a normal 18 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She loves one thing and one thing only, and that is One Direction!! She's been waiting for the day that she finally meets them but doesn't expect it to happen while she's just walking around! Will her dream come true and will she cast a spell on of the boys? Please read and find out!!!


3. This might be love

Ashlyn's POV:

After bumping to Zayn at Starbucks, we actually spent the rest of the day together. "So are you two coming to the concert?"he asked. I totally forgot about the concert! And i still had to get something to wear!! "Yeah we're coming! The only reason we were put today was to get stuff for the concert, you know just incase we met you but that already happened! haha!"i said that then regret it made us, me, sound like a total idiot. "Great! maybe ill see you then too. Where do you happen to be sitting?" i had to think about that for a second but replied,"Fourth row, center stage""I'll keep an eye out for ya. Might even ask security to let you two backstage stage. Is that ok with you Ashlyn?" I guess i zoned out thinking about the whole backstage concert thing,"Oh...what...yeah that would be amazing!!" I still cant believe what was happening! I love all the boys but Zayn was that special one for me. He just stands out, i dont know how to even explain it. "I think we should get going beca-"i was saying that we had to get home before dinner do i could get my stuff ready for the concert tomorrow but Zayn interrupted me. "Wait would you two like to come back to the hotel to hang out with ma and the rest of the boys?" I turned to look at Jess and we gave each other a reassuring nod. "we'd love to come," Jess spoke out. This was going to be GREAT! "Then come on!"

We got up and Zayn led us to his car, he jumped into the driverside while i sat in the passengerside and Jess sat in the back. There was an akward silence so i turned on the radio to find none other than Best Song Ever come on. Being the directioners me and jess are we sang our lungs out yet still keeping our cool. From the side of my eye i could see Zayn laughing at us. "So i'm guessing we are horrible singers by the way you're laughing? Well that means a lot coming from my idol!" i said sarcastically.


Jess's POV:

The whole time we were sitting at Starbucks talking to Zayn, after getting past how much i was fangirling, i could see that Zayn couldn't stop looking at Ashlyn. Being her bestfriend, I knew how much she loved him, so if i tell her she would explode with excitement! It was easy to tell that Zayn saw something in her, i mean she is beautiful. But he is an international popstar and i dont want anything to happen to her.

While we were in the car it was kinda akward cause no of us were talking, until Ashlyn turned the radio on just a Best Song Ever came on. We sang like there is no tomorrrow, but the whole time i saw Zayn looking and smiling at Ashlyn. i could see them being the cutest couple ever!


Zayn's POV:

The moment i bumped in to her i knew there was something special about her. Ashlyn, what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She was perfect! Mid-length slightly curly brown hair with the most breath-taking green eyes. She was smaller than me about 5'7".

sitting at Starbucks i couldnt help but look at her. She kept on getting lost in  her thoughts and you could tell she was so nervous and excited at the same time, which i thought was kinda cute. Her voice was so angelic, I think I'm falling for her...

During the car ride to the hotel I couldn't keep my eyes off her. When Ashlyn and Jess were singing it was so cute to see them just let their fangirl side show just a tad-bit. I couldn't help but laugh, not that they were bad singers, just the way that they were singing and dancing along to our song. She's to cute and perfect. I think this might be love!




a/n: SORRY! i said i would update once a week but that was more like two months. Dont hate me! i will try to update as soon as possible, BUT no promisses i gotta a busy life.

What do you think so far?  im gonna try not to make it like every other fanfic.

have you guize heard the new album? BEST THING IN THIS WORLD!

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