One Dream

Ashlyn Carter is a normal 18 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She loves one thing and one thing only, and that is One Direction!! She's been waiting for the day that she finally meets them but doesn't expect it to happen while she's just walking around! Will her dream come true and will she cast a spell on of the boys? Please read and find out!!!


1. Thanks mom

Ashlyn's POV: I walked in through the the door after a long day of school. My body aiched that I fell on the floor and didn't even have the strength to get up! Nothing was going to move me either but that's when my mom walked in. "Oh hey Ashlyn your home! Guess what I have for you?!"she said excitedly. "I don't care, just let me relax!"I was to tired to even care what she had to say. "are you sure? Fine, I'll just sell these 'ONE DIRECTION' tickets to someone who cares!"she said obviously getting my attention. With that I shot up like a bullet and nearly tackled her! "What?? You got tickets!!! OMG! I love you do much mom! I can never thank you enough!" I gave my mom the biggest and most meaningful hug possible and took the tickets from her. The concert was in a couple of weeks but I was preparing myself everyday for that day to come. I had pretty good tickets, not front row, but close enough that they might notice me! I called all my friends, tweeted, and even went outside and screamed it to the whole world, I GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!

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