One Dream

Ashlyn Carter is a normal 18 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She loves one thing and one thing only, and that is One Direction!! She's been waiting for the day that she finally meets them but doesn't expect it to happen while she's just walking around! Will her dream come true and will she cast a spell on of the boys? Please read and find out!!!


4. Dream to reality

Ashlyn's POV:

When we got to the hotel to my suprise there were barely any fans there. We quickly tried to get inside before they noticed. The elavator ride up was kinda akward. Zayn kept staring and smiling at me. i didnt know if that was a good thing or bad. Once we finally got to the right floor, Zayn led us to their room.

Jess had already gone in when Zayn took my hand and led me back to the hallway. At first i was confused but just went along with it. He stared in to my eyes for a minute, and me being all shy blushed a deep red.  But why would he like me, i'm the prettiest girl in the world? He could have anyone, but why me?

"You know you're beautiful, right? Never let anyone say otherwise!"

I was speechless! i didn't know what to say! like my number idol is telling me that im beautiful! This a dream coming to reality! I couldn't speak so i just nodded.

"Is there something wrong love?"

"It's just that you're my biggest idol and you're standing here infront of me telling me i'm beautiful! I used to only dream for this to happen, and now it has! And- "

Before I could say anything else, Zayn held my face in his hands and started leaning in. It took me a second but i started leaning in too. The moment our lips touched I felt sparks fly all around my body! His lips were so gentle against mine, I wanted to stay like this forever. I put my hands around his neck and he put his on my waist.

Then it hit me, I barely even know him! Yeah I'm a fan and probably know everything about him, but I don't know how he is. His personality, how he feels, it's going too fast! And i just got out of a relationship! I just can't! I pulled away thinking all these thoughts. "I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"It's okay, I actually liked it, but I'm not ready for this. I just got out of a relationship with my (ex)boyfriend and everything is just happening too fast. I would like to know you better before enything happens."

"Whatever you want babe," he said as gave me a quick kiss on my cheek before leading me into the hotel room. Right as we walked in, all eyes were on us, but I was to shocked to even notice. I was standing there infront of ONE DIRECTION!

This was a dream to reality!


Zayn's POV:

I couldn't help it! She was so beautiful I couldn't look away from her, i wasn't trying to be creepy. Once we got to the floor our room was at I took her to the side before we went in. I had to tell her how even though I've known her for about a couple hours that i think I might like her!

"You know you're beautiful, right? Never let anyone say otherwise" i meant everyword i said! I felt like i had to protect her, like iwas the one she had, and i will do anything for her! I know i was taking this too fast, but i couldn't control my feelings. She responded with just a nod. It looked like she was thinking about something...

"Is there something wrong love?" I was kinda worried I worried i said i something wrong!

"It's just that you're my biggest idol and you're standing here infront of me telleing me i'm beautiful! I used to only dream for this to happen, and now it has. And- "

I couldn't stop myself, i just had to! I leaned in to kiss her. I didn't know how she would react but when i felt her lips against mine, it made my heart stop for a second. And deep down inside i knew she was the one!

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