One Dream

Ashlyn Carter is a normal 18 year old girl from Dallas, Texas. She loves one thing and one thing only, and that is One Direction!! She's been waiting for the day that she finally meets them but doesn't expect it to happen while she's just walking around! Will her dream come true and will she cast a spell on of the boys? Please read and find out!!!



Ashlyn's POV:

I was in complete shock! I was standing in front of some of the most popular guys in world! I quickly turned my head to the ground cause I had been staring for a while. There was a bit of an awkward silence but Louis quickly broke it.

"Zayn, are you going to introduce us to your little friend?"

"Oh, um yeah, this is Ashlyn. I met her and Jess at Starbucks"

"We know. Jess already told us everything while you guys were out in the hall," Niall said making me  feel a little embarrassed.

Liam finally spoke up and said,"Come on, take a seat! Lets get to know you better!"

I simply nodded and slowly walked over to the spot on the couch next to where Jess had already been sitting. Zayn went and sat next to Liam. I was still getting used to my surroundings. I mean I just met my idols, that's a lot to take in!

"So why don't you tell us about yourself?" Harry said sounding curious.

"Well my name Ashlyn Carter, I'm 18 years old. I have two loving parents and two crazy brothers. I'm a senior in high school. I'm the star player on my school basketball team. Oh, and I'm a directioner!"

"You play basketball?" Niall said a little surprised.

"Yeah, I love sports!" I said a bit proudly. I don't like to show off but when guys under estimate me I, it gets on my nerves.

"I like her!" Niall blurts out.

"Now what?" Harry said.

"We could watch some T.V." Liam suggested.

Once everyone had agreed to it Niall got the remote and started surfing through the channels until he found a movie. I wasn't really focused on the movie, I had too much going on in my head. We all sat there for about thirty minutes until Harry thought of something else we could do.

"Let's play truth or dare!"

"YES! Good job Harold!" Louis yelled while jumping up and down.

We all sat down in a circle while Louis went to get a bottle. I sat between Jess and Zayn. Once Louis sat down, he put the bottle on the floor and spun it. When it finally stopped it was pointing at Harry.

"Truth or dare Harry," Louis asked.


"I dare you to sit here in your underwear until the game is over."


Harry stood up and stripped to his boxers. When he took his shirt off, I couldn't help but look at his toned body. I turned away before something could happen. Harry sat back down and spun the bottle,and it landed on Jess.

"Truth or dare jess?"


"Really, fine! What's your biggest secret?"

"Well, um, I'm not a virgin..."

WHAT! I'm her best friend and I didn't even know!

"How come you never told me!"

"I was too embarrassed to say anything."

"But I'm your best friend! You can tell me anything!"

"I know its just that-can we just move on with the game."

I was a little hurt because I thought we were really close. But I guess she had the right. I can't stay mad at her either. Jess spun the bottle and it landed on a very excited Niall. Before Jess even had the chance to open her mouth Niall already shouted out what he wanted.


"Alright! Okay, I dare you to lick the bottom of Louis' foot!"

"What! No! His feet stink!"

"You said dare, you have to do it Niall!"

While Niall pouted, Louis took his shoe. His feet do stink a bit, I mean he doesn't wear any socks, of course they stink. Poor Niall. Niall took Louis' foot and slowly inched forward. He looked a bit nervous. Finally he licked Louis' foot but got up and ran to the sink in the kitchen. You could see him scrubbing his tongue. Everybody was laughing their butt off. Niall came back with a pouty face.

"That is the worst thing I have ever done in my life! I can't get the taste out of my mouth! I need to eat something!" Niall said. He sounded pretty serious. I never thought that was even possible. I looked at the time and it was eight o'clock. Wow, time went by fast! I think we should go home. After everything that happened today, I think I need time to come back to reality. Plus I need to organize everything for the concert tomorrow! I can't believe we are going to meet them again tomorrow backstage after the concert! This is so amazing!

"I think we should get going. It's getting kinda late and we don't want to bother you. We'll see you tomorrow."

Liam was the first to say something," No! We were about to order pizza, stay and eat with us!"

All the other boys agreed with Liam. I don't know...

"Come on Ashlyn! Can we stay here until the pizza comes! PLEASE!"

"Okay! Fine!"

Everyone cheered. Harry got up to order the pizza while the rest of us and sat down listening to Louis telling a joke, we were having a great time. Thirty minutes later the pizza arrived and we all got a slice. Niall was attacking the food like he was at war or something. Like I finished my first and he was on his fourth! Bless that child! Once everyone was done we sat an talked for awhile until I felt like we should leave again.

"Thanks for the amazing days. I will always remember it! I love you guys so much! Come on Jess lets go!"

"Wait, how are you guys gonna go home? I drove you here," Zayn said a bit worried.

I honestly didn't think of that. I guess we would walk home.

"I don't know, I mean we can walk home..."

"No. I'll drop you two off," Zayn said.

"I wouldn't want to put you through the trouble, we'll j-" I was cut off by Zayn.

"Are you serious! Look at the time! You two can't walk home! I'm dropping you off and that's that."

Well I guess Zayn is dropping us off. One by one we give all the boys a hug and tell them goodbye. We follow Zayn out the hotel and to his car.

"So you'll have to give me directions. How far away is it?" Zayn said while we got in the car.

"It's about 20 minutes away. You can drop Jess off first cause her house comes before mine."

"Alright, here we go! Put your belts on!" Zayn said while pulling out of the parking lot and on to the highway.

The car ride was nice. We talked about random stuff, as well as the concert tomorrow. Before we knew it we were already at Jess' house.

"Just take a right here and there's my house! Thanks for the amazing day! I'll see you tomorrow! And Ashlyn text me when you wake up so I can come over! Kay, BYE!" With that Jess got out of the car and walked up to the door. She got her keys out and it opened it. Before she went inside she turned to wave at us. Once she was inside Zayn started the car again as I gave him directions to my house. In five minutes we were there.

"Thank you so much Zayn! This has been the best day ever! You guys mean so much to me!"

"Your welcome. It was fun hanging out with you. You're a beautiful girl! I can't wait to see you at the concert tomorrow!"

"Yeah me too!" I can't believe he called me beautiful! Oh no I'm blushing!

"Well I think I should go..." I said a bit nervous. Oh my god I'm such a loser!

Zayn lent over and gave me a warm hug! I mean it's like the best hug in the world! He also gave me a kiss on the cheek! He wants me to die, I know it!

"Bye," He said in his sexy accent.

"Um, bye," I said a bit shy. Not again!

"Um wait, Ashlyn, before you leave can I get your number?"

Did he just ask me that? No way this can't be happening! Oh My God! Okay deep breaths Ashlyn, calm down! Wait, he asked you a question, answer it!

"Yeah, sure!"

We traded phones, put our numbers in them,  and gave them back.


I got out of the car with the biggest smile on my face! I walked up to the door and unlocked it. I made sure to look back and wave at Zayn. He waved back then drove off. I walked in with the biggest smile on my face until I saw my mom.


Hey! Well I made this a really long chapter cause well you deserve it! I have a lot planned for this story and I hope you like it!

This has also been a tough week for directioners! Mostly Zayn girls (like me) and Liam girls! Zayn's engaged to Perrie. I happy for them, I actually love them, but my zany heart is broken! And Liam has a new girlfriend, Sophia Smith! I shall send no hate, only love! THE MOVIE IS ALMOST HERE! One more week! I'm going with my mom on the 30th, already have tickets! Have an amazing life!



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