Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


12. Whatcha Say

Lauren's POV

"Well, the real reason we wanted you was because-" Louis started, but was interrupted by Liam. "Because Niall and Harry think you're both really pretty and want your numbers and want to hang out and have massive crushes on you!" shouted Liam faster then I could even say 'boo'. How did he get that all out in one breath? I guess when you're a singer, you have more room for air in your lungs thus creating a greater lung capacity. Wow that was nerdy. "Liam! Why did you say that?!" Louis looked furious! "They weren't supposed to hear," he whispered, but I could still hear him. "Oops! Sorry!" Liam gushed. "Oh my gosh," Caroline breathed out, still in shock from whatever Liam said. Then I realized that what Liam said was kinda important. Maybe I should've listened instead of thinking about greater lung capacity of singers. I can be a bit of a bad listener sometimes. And I get sidetracked very easily. "Wait what did you say, Liam? I didn't catch the whole thing because I was too busy thinking about greater lung capacity of singers." "Huh?" Louis asked, confused. "Never mind. But what did you say, Liam?" "I said that Ni-" Liam began. "Shhh," Louis covered Liam's mouth with his hand to stop him from saying whatever it was that I missed. "Don't tell her! That's great that she didn't hear. The boys won't kill you as bad as if she had heard." "How can he kill 'me as bad'? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!" "Just go with it! Now all we have to do is brainwash Caroline here. Then she won't remember a word you said, and you'll be completely off the hook!" Louis looked as if he thought he was the worlds smartest human being. "Like that's gonna happen," Caroline scoffed. "What I'm wondering is? 'What did Liam say?'!" "Whatcha sayyyyy," Louis started singing. "No, Lou. What did he say?!" I scolded him. "Nothing.."  "Don't lie to me!!!! Caroline, what did Liam say?!" I begged. "You didn't hear anything," Louis whispered in a creepy voice to Caroline. He began waving his hand in front of her face, I guess trying to hypnotize her.. "My lips are sealed," she giggled. "Caroline!! How could you?! Turning on your own best friend!! Remember? BDFFL's?" BDFFL's meant 'Best Directioner Friends For Life'. "Best Directioner Friends For Life. Hence the 'Directioner' part of it! Louis is 1/5 of One Direction." "But he's just some stupid band member! I've been with you through thick and thin!" "How dare you!" Louis gasped. "Calling me 'some stupid band member'!" "Someone obviously doesn't know what sarcasm is.." I muttered. "Ooh, gurl, I am the QUEEN of sarcasm." He snapped his fingers in a z-formation, and just like that, walked off, with Liam quickly walking off after him. "Well, I guess I'm never gonna find out what Liam said.. Unless you wanna tell me?" "Nope," Caroline answered, popping that 'p'. And just like that, Caroline walked off after Louis and Liam. I feel loved.

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