Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


9. The signing

******Author's Note****** Hey!!! We have some good news :) Our friend, Olivia, is now a directioner!!! She became one on wednesday :) and she's going to be a co-author to the story so you should become a fan of her!!! Her username is alicja0330. Become a fan for me and I will buy you a birthday cake :) Just kidding but seriously I will love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like the update! ~HGpanda and LaurenLovesOneDirection<3

Caroline's POV

After several long hours of waiting not so patiently, we went to the signing and there was a huge line. "Lauren, why didn't we come earlier to wait in line? It's going to be hours before we get to the boys!" I asked her. She face palmed herself. "We are idiots!" she said. "Yep," I agreed with her. "I love your shirt!" I say to the girl behind us. It had a picture of my future husband a.k.a. Harry! And it was the same shirt I was wearing. "Thanks! I like yours too!" She said and we laughed. "He's my future husband," She told me. I immediately stopped laughing. "Sorry, he's my husband," I say appologetically. "We'll see," she said. We started laughing again. "I'm Caroline," I said holding my hand out. "Alex," She replied. "I'm Lauren!" Lauren screamed randomly, leaving the conversation she was previously talking in, "What are we talking about?" she asked. All of us start laughing. We all talk until we are only a few people away from the boys. We were almost there and I noticed Zayn standing close to a really pretty blonde.


Lauren's POV

We finally got to the signing, but when we did the line was really long. Ughh it's gonna take forever to get to see the boys! Reading my mind (as always), Caroline says, "Lauren, why didn't we come earlier to wait in line? It's going to be hours before we get to the boys!" Yep. We can read each others minds. I face palmed myself. "We are idiots!" "Yep" Caroline said. I turned around to see three girls standing in front of me. "Hey!" I say quite cheerfully (and a bit too loudly). "Hiiiii!" they chorus back with almost as much happiness as me. "Oh my gosh I L-O-V-E your shirts!" I say in a sing-song voice. "Thank you!!! They're homemade!" the red-head replies. "What's your name?" the blonde asks. "Lauren!!" "Mines Carly!" the red-head answers. She seems to be the most hyper of them all. I think I'm gonna get along great with her.. "The names Shelby!" the blonde says. "And I'm Jasmin!" the girl with dark black hair says. "Awesome!" We talk a little bit and exchange numbers and I turn back to Caroline to see her talking with another girl. "I'm Lauren!!!" I randomly say/scream. "What are we talking about?" All three of us start to laugh. I learn that the girl Caroline was talking to is named Alex. We were so close to the boys I couldn't believe it. We were only a few people away. We could almost touch them! That's when I noticed the blonde..


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