Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


5. Fangirling

Lauren's POV

I still couldn't believe what happened! That's impossible for Niall Horan to smile and wink at ME! M-E! I thought to myself. How likely is that? Of all the girls here, he winked at me?! IMPOSSIBLE! He could've been looking at someone else. That's possible.  As if reading my mind, (that's what best friends do, right?) Caroline looks at me and says, "I can't believe Niall just winked at you!" "He didn't wink at ME!" I said. "PUH-LEASE! It's sooooo obvious he did! I saw him look straight at you! I got three words for you. Direct eye contact." Caroline said. Maybe she's right. Yep. She's definitely right. Aghhhh! Why can't I ever make up my mind?! "OK! Fine! I believe you!" I said. Now I'm ready for some serious fangirling and screaming! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I scream. Then I remember Louis's ear. Nevermind about the whole screaming thing. I'll do that in my head. And when I get back to the hotel with Caroline. The rest of the concert was AMAZAYN! Me and Caroline sang along to every song! They even sang "Torn" and "Valerie"! This. Was. The. Best. Day. EVER! There's no way it could get any better!

Caroline's POV

I can't believe Lauren thought Niall didn't wink at her. It was obvious! They would be such a cute couple together. I just wish somehow, one of the others would notice me. Right, like that's going to happen. The boys were so extrordinHARRY! After doing several songs, they were answering twitter questions. Lauren's tweet came on the screen and both of our jaws dropped. She asked, "What is the craziest dance move you know?" and Louis answered by doing some wierd dance that makes him look like look like a monkey that he made up when he was like five. After that they looked for her seat and when Niall saw her he smiled. It was really cute. "I told you" I told Lauren and she had a huge smile on her face for the rest of the concert. Once they finished the tweets they said their goodbyes. Best day of my life. After the concert, she still had that amile plastered across her face. "Stop you're creeping me out," I told her. She ignored me. I know I would be that way too if one fifth of One Direction liked me.

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