Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


4. Concert Time!

Caroline's POV

We go to the arena and to our front row seats. We are freaking out like crazy because we are about to see our idols perform right infront of our eyes. Then all of a sudden the lights go out and there are five spotlights onstage where One Direction is standing. The whole crowd screams at the top of their lungs! Harry starts singing "I Want" and the crowd screams even louder. After singing three more songs, they start singing "Gotta Be You," but instead of saying 'only you,' Harry says 'wrong size shoe.' At one point, you notice Niall making direct eye contact with Lauren. Then he winked at her and continued with the song.

Lauren's POV

We get to the concert and sit down at our seats. We're freaking out like crazy! We're literally right in front! This is so exciting! Finally, the concert begins and they start to sing 'I Want' which I sing along to very happily. They sing a few songs, but when they get to 'Gotta Be You' Harry makes a couple of "mistakes" with the wording. A little while later, during 'One Thing' I see Niall look straight into my eyes. He freezes for a second, then smiles and winks at me. I just died. NIALL FREAKING JAMES HORAN JUST WINKED AT ME!!!! Ok, now this concert is better than I expected it to be!

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