Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


13. A/N -Lalay

I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be a chapter, but it's not... It's just an Author's Note (obviously). But I just wanted to tell you all that I don't know if the girls and I are going to be continuing this Movella. We started it last year in August or September and it was back in our carroty days so I don't really like it (I don't know about the other girls). And Olivia and Caroline won't update and haven't been on for awhile.. Sorry! But you're welcome to check out my fanfic White Liar because I update that! Fan me as well because I'm going to be publishing some really interesting Movellas soon (;

Much love,

Lalay xo

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