Live While We're Young {PERMANENT HIATUS}

Lauren and Caroline are two sixteen year olds who are dedicated directioners. They go to London for the summer and buy One Direction tickets. ©


7. A Rude Awakening

Caroline's POV

Once we got to our hotel, we go to bed. I fall asleep instantly and wake up to Lauren shaking me awake. Why was I wet? "Caroline! Wake up!" "I'm up!" I told her, "Why am I wet?" She started giggling. "I couldn't get you up any other way." Typicall Lauren. "What time is it?" I asked her. "Eight." "Why are we up so early?" I asked. "We're in London and you want to sleep?" "Yes," I said, laying back down and pulling the covers over my head. "NO!" She commanded. I let out a mixture of a groan and a sigh. "Fine. I'm up. Ya happy?" "Yes. Now get ready," She said walking out of the room and shuttig the door. I took a five minute shower and got dressed.  wore a green crop tee that said 'turn my swag on' with a grey undershirt and black skinny jeans with black toms. I curled my naturally straight, brown hair and applied a small amount of makeup. I don't really wear a lot of makeup usually. I walk into the kitchen where I see Lauren on twitter on her phone. "Whatcha doin'?" I asked.

Lauren's POV

After having an AWESOME night, me and Caroline go to bed. I can barely sleep. I keep replaying what happened over and over in my head. At about seven, I get out of bed and I get dressed. I put on a pink shirt that says "I love pigs!", a pair of white capris, and red converse. I go down to our kitchen and eat breakfast without Caroline. She still hasn't gotten up yet. I eat a huge breakfast because I'm starving! Then I sit down on the couch and watch a bit of telly (as they say in England). I get tired of waiting for Caroline to wake up so I decide to take matters into my own hands. I grab a bucket from one of the closets and fill it with ice-cold water. I walk up the steps and stand infront of Caroline telling her to wake up. But that doesn't work of course. This is gonna be fun. I splash the whole bucket of water onto her. "Caroline! Wake up!" I said innocently. "I'm up! Why am I wet?" she asked. "I couldn't get you up any other way!" "What time is it?" "Eight." "Why are we up so early?" "You're in London and you want to sleep?" "Yes." she said and pulled the covers over her head. "NO!" I yelled at her. "Fine. I'm up. Ya happy?" "Yes. Now get ready." I told her. I went back downstairs again and started looking through my twitter. She finally came downstairs and looked at my phone to see what I was doing. "Whatcha doin'?" she asked me.

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