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This is my first fanfic so sorry if it's not the best but it's a story about a girl winning a contest held by one direction. She gets to meet them and falls in love with one of the members. Of course this relationship will have complications but true love always triumphs


4. what do we do now?

~A/N: i want to say sorry in advanced if this chapter is short or not super interesting. im having serious writers block, but i hope you still enjoy :)  ~Reina


~Rececca's POV~

i look at Harry and he gives me a slight smile, the smile that can make anyone melt. it didn't feel real. i blush and i know he noticed because his smile widens.

"So we have two days, what would you guys like to do?" Liam asks.

"Whatever is fine with me," i say, "What do you guys like to do on your free time"

"I have the perfect idea," Louie states.

"What?" Jenny asks.

"PAINT BALL!" Louie screams.

the boys all smile and nod in agreement. "Would that be ok with you girls?" Niall asks us sweetly.

"Uhh...i guess," i reply

harry puts his arm around my shoulder and smiles, "Don't worry i can protect you from the paint balls." it was so sweet hearing that.

"What about me??" Jenny says feeling left out.

"Niall will protect you."

"ok" jenny says with a smile

"But i wont be as good as harry thogh because i dont have much experience with balls," Niall says jokingly.

harry gives him the death glare and guides me outside to the limo. i like the feeling of harry's arm around me. it makes me feel warm inside. i know that sounds weird. i guess i could explain it more as hyper active butterflies in my stomach. its not a bad feeling, it makes me happy. i've never really had a guy pay attention to me before so this is a totally new experience. i hope that its not that he just has to be nice to me for two days, but that he actually thinks im cute and might possibly be interested in me. maybe ill ask him.

the whole limo ride consisted of jenny and i telling the boys about ourselves. harry sat across from me and not once did he take his eyes off of me. i know what you're thinking, thats kind of creepy but it wasnt a creepy stare. it was one of interest and it seemed like he was trying to figure me out. i really wish i knew what he is thinking.


~A/N: again i want to say sorry for the sucky chapter. hopefully my next one is better. thanks for reading :)  ~Reina


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