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This is my first fanfic so sorry if it's not the best but it's a story about a girl winning a contest held by one direction. She gets to meet them and falls in love with one of the members. Of course this relationship will have complications but true love always triumphs


3. time to meet

~with one direction~

it's that day, the day the boys have to meet rebecca the contest winner.

~A/N: sorry it too so long to bring one direction into the story, but they are now in it lol. the start of this chapter will just be the guysthoughts on meeting rebecca then at the end will be them actually meeting. thanks for reading :) ~Reina

~Liam's POV~

how many fans do we have to meet before we can actually have time for ourselves. i mean dont get me wrong, i love our fans very much but it seems like all we ever do it meet them, sign an autograph, take a picture and move onto the next person. to be honest i hate not getting to really know them. i understand that i wont be able to get to know all our fans on a personal level but it would be nice to get to know some of them. from what managment is telling us so far about this meet and greet session with rebecca and her guest is that we actually get to spend 2 days with them. it's pretty awesome but what if they turn out to be physcos. i know that was mean and kind of controdicts my last thought but i dont know im just slightly confused.

~Niall's POV~

im pretty excited to meet this rebecca girl, she sounds really smart. i really enjoyed reading her short story. i must say im also looking forward to hearing her speak because i just absolutly love american accents. im also looking forward to getting to know her a little more than most fans, its a nice change.

~Harry's POV~

i hope rebecca is really cute, i know that sounds shallow but if she is then she has the whole package, beauty and brains. i wonder why they chose our beach house as the secret location though. i really hope she is not a super fan that will like stalk us. that just wouldnt be very good.

~Zayn's POV~

everyone says im too shy, i will prove them wrong with this rebecca girl, i will show them that i can open up and be myself infront of new people. i hope that doesnt make her think of me as a freak. maybe i shouldnt go all out and be super crazy right off the bat. but i will make it different this time.

~Louie's POV~

i love meeting new people. i wonder if i can make rebecca and her guest laugh right away, and i wonder if they like carrots. i would fancy sharing some of my carrots with them since i have so many. wow im pretty random. at least i keep myself entertained.


i see a shadow coming down the hall. it John from management, "Boys Rebecca and her guest Jenny will be ariving any minute. i just got a call from the limo driver."

*Ding dong* the doorbell sounded.

"that must be them," john said.

~Rebecca's POV~

wow we are meeting one direction at their beach house. this is completely insane!! i stood there as calmly as i could while Jenny rang the door bell. she stepped back and we turned to look at eachother and started to smile wildly.

"Can you believe this is happening?" i ask.

"not really, but..." jenny was cut off by the door opening. there standing in that door was Niall and Zayn. they said something but i didnt hear i was too starstruck but i see jenny smile and walk into the door so i follow. oh gosh i feel like im being too awkward so i need to pull it together right now.

Niall and zayn lead us into the living room where the rest of the boys wait on the couches. they all stand up as we enter.

"This is Rebecca and her friend Jenny," Niall introduces us. i say hi and shake all of their hands then contuniue to stand there awkwardly.

~Liam's POV~

she seems nice. she has a very warm and inviting smile and a firm hand shake, but she is a little on the quite side. that must be because shes star struck.

~Niall's POV~

she seems almost confused, i hope that goes away soon. i do enjoy her accent, well at least the little that i heard of it. her friend is very nice though, but she is a talker but i dont mind i like to talk myself.

~Harry's POV~

she is very pretty but slightly on the awkward side but we will definately break her out of that shell of hers in these next 2 days.

~Zayn's POV~

so far i am failing myself but i dont think that really matters because she seems way more shy than i am. hmm at least we have something in common.

~Louoe's POV~

what lovely girls those two are. i hope rebecca talks more though and her friend quiets down a little. i ought to offer them some carrots.

~Jenny's POV~

i feel like im talking too much, but i just can't get my mouth to stop moving. Louie interups me though which i guess is a good thing, "i'm getting up to get carrots, would anyone like some?"

"i would love some," i say with a smile.

"Rebecca?" Louie asks.

"uh..sure, thank you," she says with a shakey voice.

"Great," Louie say and turns to walk into the kitchen

Rebecca finally speaks up, "Im sorry im being so quiet, it's not like me, im just at a loss for words."

~Harry's POV~

shes so cute, apologizing for being nervous.

"its perfectly fine love, it happens to all of us at times" i say



~A/N: so there was chapter 3, im not sure when i will be able to put the next one up since school starts tomorrow. but in the next chapter there will be alot more interaction between the characters instead of all the POVs. i would really love some feed back from you guys because im not even sure if you like the story. but thanks again for reading :)   ~Reina  



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