Get out of my head

This is my first fanfic so sorry if it's not the best but it's a story about a girl winning a contest held by one direction. She gets to meet them and falls in love with one of the members. Of course this relationship will have complications but true love always triumphs


2. London, here we come

The day has come, it is time for Rebecca and Jenny to get on the plane for London. It's the day they have been waiting for, later that night they will finally get to meet one direction.

~Rebecca's POV~

I still can't wrap my head around the whole winning thing. I've never won anything in my life, but i'm glad i won this contest. i'm a huge one direction fan and isn't it every fans dream to meet them? i wonder if they are even hotter in person....and i wonder which one will make me most nervous. i hope they like me, im sure they won't find me attractive or anything but i just want them to like me a little. im not the most attractive person and i will admitt that im slightly awkward...ok more than slightly but whatever. i really hope my awkwardness doesn't screw things up this time...

*Knock knock knock knock?*

i slowly make my way to the door, still emersed in thought. i try to calm my mind before i open the door so i dont looked like a puzzed freak, but i guess that doesn't really matter since it's only Jenny and she thinks of me as a freak anyway

"Are you as excited as i am becca?" jenny says quickly while walking through the door.

"yeah, i'm really excited..." my words trail off at the end. i still have not been able to get control of my mind. new thoughts start whirling around in there and i can't make it stop.

"is everything ok?"

"everything is great!" i say with a slight smile

"it doesn't seem like everything is great"

"i'm just doing some thinking"


"nothing important"

suddenly we hear a honk coming from the front of the house.

"Cab is here!" jenny says with a huge smile, "you know what that means.....WE ARE GOING TO GET ON OUR FLIGHT TO LONDON!!! we are that much more closer to one direction"

"actually, we are not closer to them because we are still standing in my house," i say sarcastically.

"whatever," jenny says with attitude as she grabs her stuff and walks to the cab.

i smile a little, i just love to annoy her. i grab my stuff and follow her to the cab. my hearts racing now because i start thinking about planes and how i've never been on one...planes scare me, but i guess its worth it in the end because i get to meet one direction

the cab ride seems to drag on, it feels like it will never end. but we eventually make it to the airport. we take our stuff out of the cab and pay the driver. as we walk through the doors i begin to feel like everything is moving in slow motion. i know its because im thinking about the plane but its completely weird to see things this way. i some what black out and the next thing i remember is walking out of the airport in London. how did i miss the whole flight??

"now we are closer to one direction," jenny states.

"yeah," i say confused. "did i sleep the whole plane ride?"

"no, you sat there staring at the seat infront on you. you looked like a zombie," jenny giggles and then starts loading her stuff into our cab. next stop, the secret location that we are meeting one direction at.

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