Get out of my head

This is my first fanfic so sorry if it's not the best but it's a story about a girl winning a contest held by one direction. She gets to meet them and falls in love with one of the members. Of course this relationship will have complications but true love always triumphs


1. I WON!!

*bzzz bzzz*

Rebecca sits up in bed and grabs her phone, "hello"

"Becca, I'm outside, you need to let me in now!"

"Jenny, it's 6:30am what are you doing here?"

"they posted the results"

"for the writing contest?"

"no, for the best toe contest....of course for the writing contest!"

Rebecca sets her phone down and runs down her stairs to the front door. She is just able to unlock it before Jenny shoves it open, "don't just stand there Becca, we need to get to your computer"

"right," The girls quickly move to the living room with Rebecca's computer. It seems like forever for Rebecca to navigate to the contest page.

"wait" Jenny says


"what if you won?"

"there is no way. Millions of girls entered the contest. There is like no chance that I won"

"but if you did win you're taking me as your guest for the trip right?"

"of course, who else would I take?"

"I don't know, maybe your dog"

"shut up!"

"ok fine, just look and see if it's you that won"

"I'm too nervous, can you look for me?"

"you're such a baby Becca!" Jenny grabs the mouse and clicks the winner tab. "blah blah blah, we get that the winner had a great story! Where is the name?" Jenny scrolls down a little more and in bold for the computer reads... "REBECCA STALL, NO WAY BECCA, YOU WON!!"

"I won???"

"yes you won!! You get to meet one direction!!! We both get to meet one direction!!"

"I can't believe I won..."

"well believe it! We need to pack! Becca I'm glad we are best friends"


"because if we werent I wouldn't get to meet 1D"

"sometimes I feel like you just use me...."

"come on Becca, you know I love you, and I bet so will one direction"

"haha yeah maybe one will end up being my soul mate" The girls giggle. Jenny runs home to start packing while Rebecca remains sitting on her couch still trying to take in everything that has happened. She really gets to meet 1D!

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