Divergence: One Direction

*Sequel to Match: One Direction* The long distance relationship has not exactly gone according to plan. Ariana and Harry are battling the time change, and between Ariana finishing school and Harry's career rapidly growing there is little time. One Direction is planning for the Olympics- practically the biggest performance of their lives- and Niall struggles to keep his cool. Zayn is now the only single member of the band, and, desperate to be in a realationship, hastily agrees to meet a fan via Match program... but could this dream girl become a nightmare? *Complete*


22. Unfollowing


“In other news, the long-term couple consisting of One Direction’s Liam Payne and the dancer, Danielle Peazer have been rumored to have been broken up. Today, fans were devastated to find out the hard way,” said the news caster. 


Danielle changed the channel on the television. 


“I don’t even know what to do with myself,” sobbed a girl with a 1D sweatshirt on and tears rolling down her cheeks as she was being interviewed on the street. “They seemed so perfect, and then-“


Another channel change.


“It is shocking, isn’t it,” said a talk show host. “Even I was a fan of ‘Payzer’.” A picture of Liam and Danielle flashed on the screen as the host commented, “I mean, aren’t they beautiful together.” 


Enough was enough. Danielle turned off the television, slinking back onto the couch. She had done it. She had broken up with Liam and it was terrible. 


Danielle opened her laptop, completely upset now. Why had she down that? 


To save Liam. His career. His world. Everything he had hoped and dreamed for. It was all safe because of your sacrifice.


But there are death threats. Imagine the enraged fans on Twitter and Tumblr.


They don’t matter. You saved them from something even worse: loosing Liam altogether. They would be crushed to know that he had been removed from the band. 


But everyone is happy except for you.


It was the way things were meant to be.


She hesitated, moving her finger over the computer sensor, about to push down. This was a big step, though it would help her to get over all of this. 


It’s fine. Do it. Liam will always be there. You need to move past this, and this is the first step. 


Danielle pressed the button. Immediately she had unfollowed every member of One Direction. All their girlfriends. All their fans. 


It was the first step to recovery.

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