Divergence: One Direction

*Sequel to Match: One Direction* The long distance relationship has not exactly gone according to plan. Ariana and Harry are battling the time change, and between Ariana finishing school and Harry's career rapidly growing there is little time. One Direction is planning for the Olympics- practically the biggest performance of their lives- and Niall struggles to keep his cool. Zayn is now the only single member of the band, and, desperate to be in a realationship, hastily agrees to meet a fan via Match program... but could this dream girl become a nightmare? *Complete*


19. Threats

            Evelyn slammed the laptop shut, resting her head in her hands as she tried to fight back the tears. The words echoed in her head, the dead threats seemingly cutting at her heart.


            “You’re so worthless. You broke our Nialler’s heart.”


            “Niall would have been better if he were with me.”


            “Curl up and die.”


            The words from Twitter swirled in her mind. People hurt. If only they knew the truth.


            It wasn’t her fault that she and Niall wouldn’t be together. It was Simon. A contract that kept them apart. It had only been three days since the Olympics and their break up, and the death threats came rolling in. It was only a matter of time before Harry and Ariana would be given a rude awakening. The same would go with Danielle and Liam.


            But then what?


            Evelyn stood, walking away from the desk.


            This wasn’t the last time Simon would hear from her.

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