Divergence: One Direction

*Sequel to Match: One Direction* The long distance relationship has not exactly gone according to plan. Ariana and Harry are battling the time change, and between Ariana finishing school and Harry's career rapidly growing there is little time. One Direction is planning for the Olympics- practically the biggest performance of their lives- and Niall struggles to keep his cool. Zayn is now the only single member of the band, and, desperate to be in a realationship, hastily agrees to meet a fan via Match program... but could this dream girl become a nightmare? *Complete*


29. The Greenhouse

 Harry casually looked to his left to watch as the twilight faded into a dreary darkened sky, clouds flying in to cover the stars that could be shining. He briskly walked along the path, kicking up the dead leaves as he went, and feeling the wind blow them off course. As he approached the green house, his eyes met Ariana’s, as she stood inside, under a small palm tree, admiring the sunset as well.


Their eyes briefly met, but soon Ariana turned away, walking deeper into the garden. He sensed something was wrong. He felt it as he had looked into Ariana’s sullen eyes, no longer sparkling as usually accompanied by a smile. Harry was alarmed by the late text from Ariana and his suspicions were confirmed by her disposition.


He opened the doors to the greenhouse, instantly greeted by the unnecessary warmth of heat lamps that illuminated the glass building and its hold of exotic flowers and trees. The uneasiness between them was excruciating, as they silently meandered along the sidewalk that cut through the middle of greenhouse and brought them to an elaborate marble fountain.


Cautiously Ariana sat on the side of the fountain, glancing up at the statue of the Roman-style girl in a toga that lay in the center, pouring a never ending bucket of water into the pool below. Harry followed her gaze, trying to occupy himself as they searched for the words to start a conversation.


“Harry,” Ariana began, still uncertain, though she swiftly stopped, pondering her words for a few seconds more. “We knew that there would be consequences to our relationship.” She dipped her hand in the cool pool of the fountain , twirling her hand around in the water awkwardly. Still refusing to make eye contact with him, she continued. “Our age difference aside, your stardom would challenging to cope with alone.”


Harry took Ariana’s wrist and pulled it out of the water gently, planting a kiss on her knuckles. Her eyes wandered from her hand to his eyes, looking deeply into his green orbs for a moment before turning away. “You have been so strong,” he whispered, wrapping their fingers around one another’s. “I don’t know how I got so lucky.” She took her hand, resting it in her lap and staring at it as if it were evidence to a crime scene.


“Please,” Ariana whispered, biting her lip. “Do not make this harder than it needs to be.” Her head hung low, eyes slowly her eyes as if to imagine being anywhere but with him. “I do not want to do this anymore than you do.”


Harry stopped, his mind freezing and heart stopped beating. First Niall, then Liam, and now it was him. It was as if all the of the women in their lives was turning against them. He wondered if Louis or Zayn would be next.

Perhaps Evelyn was the ring leader. The letter, the first to break a heart, and close friends with everyone.


“Ari… What are you trying to say?” As his heart fell into his stomach, he felt like he already knew. Harry tried to move closer to Ariana, but she stood, pacing away from him. She gradually raised her head, bottom lip quivering.


“For reasons I can’t explain,” Ariana began, taking a deep breath, “I am jeopardizing your career and everything you worked so hard for… for everything I believe you can be.”


“Oh god,” Harry muttered under his breath, cutting off Ariana. He looked up at her, his eyes full of questions. “It is Evelyn, isn’t it.” Ariana opened her mouth to say something, but shut it.


She remembered Simon’s words to Evelyn, echoing in her mind as a warning. “It will be our little secret.” Our little secret. The words stung, reiterating itself over and over in her head.


“That conniving little monster is blackmailing you, isn’t she?” Harry though aloud. “Evelyn is a… a psychotic fan girl here to destroy from the inside out! I told her to stay away from you, but she wouldn’t listen.” He said them almost hatefully, but couldn’t manage it.


Evelyn wasn’t the type to persuade and ruin. She would build up and cherish, as the great person she was.


“Evelyn wouldn’t do that,” Arian replied, her voice still choked up. “It is a power greater than us or Evelyn or One Direction’s empire.” Harry was pacing, his jaw heavily set. “This is blackmail, but not Evelyn.”


“Just tell me why,” Harry said quickly, looking up at her. “You are hiding something, and I need to know to get to sleep tonight. Let me know that you are alright.”


“I…” Ariana breathed heavily, her thoughts swelling. “I can’t Harry.”


“Why?” He asked, standing. “Because Evelyn told you not too?”


Ariana paused, her mouth slightly open, lost in thought.


“It’s not her fault,” she whispered. Slowly, she leaned forward, planting a kiss on Harry’s cheek. “Promise me that you will read Evelyn’s letter,” she whispered in his ear as she began to back away. “Good bye Harry.”

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