Divergence: One Direction

*Sequel to Match: One Direction* The long distance relationship has not exactly gone according to plan. Ariana and Harry are battling the time change, and between Ariana finishing school and Harry's career rapidly growing there is little time. One Direction is planning for the Olympics- practically the biggest performance of their lives- and Niall struggles to keep his cool. Zayn is now the only single member of the band, and, desperate to be in a realationship, hastily agrees to meet a fan via Match program... but could this dream girl become a nightmare? *Complete*


25. Heart Breaks

Harry and Evelyn walked through the trees, the cool air whipping around to bite their noses, making Evelyn pull the flimsy jacket she had, tighter around her. For the first few minutes, Harry didn’t say anything. Instead he admired the trees overhead and kicked at the dead leaves as he walked with his hands stuffed in his pockets. It wasn’t until they got to a bench by the lake that they stopped.


He took a seat to look over the shining body of water, and motioned for Evelyn to do the same.


“Have you ever had your heart broken?” Harry asked, still staring to the lake.


“Yes,” Evelyn replied, “Hasn’t everybody?” Harry nodded, standing up.


“But,” Harry began to say, pausing for a moment to pull a green leaf off an overhanging tree. “Did you really love that person? I mean… were you willing to drop everything to stay with them- to do anything to be with them.”


This made Evelyn stop to remember the pain of past heart breaks. The pain she felt of being used. Wondering if they ever did love you. Thinking about all the ways you could have prevented it. And then moving on eventually, because time healed all her wounds.


“At first I thought so,” Evelyn said hesitantly, as Harry took a seat next to her. “Later, I came to realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. I knew that there was somebody else out there who, maybe, would be better because we had been separated by large differences. It’s like a torn piece of cloth that can’t be mended.”


“You thought you loved Niall. Niall thought you loved him,” Harry murmured, as if Niall’s hurt had infected him too. “You were both alive,” he added, handing Evelyn the green leaf. “When you decided that you didn’t love Niall,” Harry’s voice got louder, a distinct anger building up in his mind. “That maybe there was someone better for you… you left Niall along with all the other broken hearts.”


Harry stood, motioning to the dead, brown, crusty leaves on the ground. He kicked at them angrily, before resting his arm on a nearby tree. Evelyn continued to sit, biting her lip to prevent cracking. It wasn’t her fault. It was Simon’s.


“Niall still loves you! Time didn’t let him forget,” Harry practically yelled, turning back to Evelyn. He sighed, rubbing the side of his forehead. “Just remember, that when you listen to album,” Harry began again, this time with a calm tone. “Summer Love is about you. He didn’t forget. And he used ‘snow in September’ because you always wished it would snow on your birthday, September 19.”


“Niall told you that?” Evelyn whispered, a knot forming in her throat. “He remembered,” she smiled, despite the tears forming in her eyes. Looking up, Harry was walking away slowly. She quickly stood, pulling a white envelope out of her bag and ran towards Harry.


“What more do you want Evelyn?” Harry asked, not turning around to look her in the eye. “You’ve caused enough pain. Were you another one of those fans who came in to vandalize our personal lives?”


The words stung, carving themselves into Evelyn’s mind. Harry needed to know. Niall needed to know. The whole world needed to know that it wasn’t her fault.


“You won’t let me talk,” Evelyn said shakily, still facing Harry’s back. “So read this.” She held out the envelope, but Harry wouldn’t look at her. “At least you’ll know what happens when Ariana breaks up with you in a week or two.”


“Stay away from us!” Harry yelled, snatching the envelope. “Stay away from Ariana, me, and most importantly,” he took steps back, “Stay away from Niall!” He turned, running as fast as he could away from her.


In shock, Evelyn fell to the ground, sitting in the dead leaves . She put her head in her hands and sniffled, tears falling from her eyes.


“It is my fault,” Evelyn whispered.

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