Divergence: One Direction

*Sequel to Match: One Direction* The long distance relationship has not exactly gone according to plan. Ariana and Harry are battling the time change, and between Ariana finishing school and Harry's career rapidly growing there is little time. One Direction is planning for the Olympics- practically the biggest performance of their lives- and Niall struggles to keep his cool. Zayn is now the only single member of the band, and, desperate to be in a realationship, hastily agrees to meet a fan via Match program... but could this dream girl become a nightmare? *Complete*


6. Hack

                “What are you doing?” Perrie asked, leaning over Relane’s shoulder. Relane grabbed the smart tablet, logging in. She began to work: locating where the web  chat was taken from… Where Zayn was.


                “Oh, you know,” Relane said casually, “Hacking Zayn’s computer.”  Perrie stepped back, in utter shock.


                “What?” Perrie’s mouth dropped. This couldn’t be good.


                “We might as well have fun with this,” Relane laughed. “I just got his Twitter password.” She stood, logging into Twitter on the tablet as Zayn. “Let the fun begin.”

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